7 Helpful Tips to Get You Meditating Regularly ...

Meditating is something that a lot of us don't do regularly and it has so, so many health benefits; if you are looking for tips to get you meditating, but you truthfully have no idea how to start, take a look below. I've come up with not only a great checklist of tips to get you meditating, but you can really figure out if it is something you'll be able to incorporate into your every day. My mom meditates at least once a day and she tells me constantly, I would feel better if I meditated at least once or twice a week – so ladies, you ready to commit to meditating at least once in a while with me?

1. Set Time Aside

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The most important of all tips to get you meditating all revolves around setting time aside. If you don't set time aside to meditate, you'll never get it done. Meditating isn't something that needs a lot of time, once you get the hang of it, but it is something that you'll need to plan for. So find a time that works in your schedule and take a little while to just sit there.

2. Create an Environment

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The environment is so important ladies! Not only does it have to be in a place that you are comfortable in, but it needs to be quiet. You don't want to be meditating and then get slammed out of it because of a loud noise. Find a place in your home that you can create a small meditation corner and go there when you don't want anyone at all to bother you.

3. Get Comfortable

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Your comfort level is very important too. You want to wear comfortable clothes, you want to sit comfortably and overall, you just want it to be an experience that you'll remember. For me, I'm going to wear yoga pants and a comfortable top – that's all I need!

4. Empty Stomach

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I'm not saying you can't meditate when you are full either, but most of the time, when you are on an almost empty stomach, your meditation goes deeper and you'll be able to concentrate harder. I'm not saying meditate while you are starving, but maybe after eating something small, not after a large meal.

5. Concentrate on Breathing

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Meditation is all breathing, all about concentrating on your mind, body and soul. Breathe in, breathe out and really concentrate on drawing that breath in deep and releasing it. Don't keep anything else in your mind. Breathing is something that you'll need to control when you are meditating, so keep your mind focused on that.

6. Yoga Beforehand Helps

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Did you know that before you meditate, doing just a little bit of yoga can warm you up? Yoga actually feeds right into meditation and when you do this particular exercise before you meditate, it only intensifies your meditation session.

7. Clear Your Mind

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Finally, as I mentioned before, girlies, you've got to keep your mind clear. That means that any thoughts about your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or family needs to be cleared up and you are going to just think about breathing in and out. It's all about getting rid of the negative and getting very zen.

So ladies, now that you know exactly what you need to do to start meditating, are you going to take the challenge with me? Tell me about it in the comments!

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