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At some point in our lives, we will have to do things where our nerves are tested but there are some ways to deal with nerves for any occasion that will guarantee you will feel calm and ready to face whatever the challenge may be. It may be a job interview, a test, an audition or it might be meeting your partner's family for the first time. Whatever it is, some of us cope with situations better than others. I remember watching the beautiful Kate Middleton marry her prince and thinking to myself, surely she must have taken something to remain so calm and composed. Not only was she about to become part of the royal family, she was being watched by millions around the world. She was the picture of serenity and if she was nervous, she didn't show it. And whilst your occasion may not be on the same scale, here are some ways to deal with nerves that will leave you Kate Middleton composed and calm.

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One of the best ways to deal with nerves is to start breathing. I know we all do this every minute of the day but we underestimate its power and don't actually think about it. Breathing has the power to calm you, so to help deal with nerves, do some deep breathing exercises. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes before your big presentation or any event that requires you to feel a little calmer. Not only will you have a clearer and more focused mind, you will feel more energised and have less internal verbal diarrhea going on in your head, which can be distracting. Deep breathing also increases your body's happy chemical, endorphins, and relaxes muscles.



Whatever the occasion, be prepared. If you need to get somewhere and you're unsure where it is, leave in good time. Being late or getting lost will do nothing to quell that panic. If you need to make a speech, memorise it and make sure you do this over and over again. Sometimes nerves can be exacerbated by lack of preparation, but if you're prepared for every eventuality then you have less to be nervous about. If you're being interviewed for a new job, research the company and think about questions you could ask them. Remember, fail to plan, plan to fail!


Rescue Remedy

Sometimes, we need a little floral assistance. Rescue Remedy is just that and when I found out it was actually natural flower essences preserved in grape alcohol solution, it made sense why I was feeling considerably calmer after a few spays on my tongue! The calming combination of Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis and Impatiens helps to soothe you in times of stress so it's great to keep in your bag at all times. It also comes in pastille form, although I do think the spray is much more effective.


Essential Oils

Lavender oil is a wonderful calming essence. Place a few drops on a handkerchief and inhale when you're feeling stressed. You could also invest in some soothing lavender hand cream, which will keep your hands occupied when you're waiting. Other essential oils that may help are ginger and jasmine, which can improve your confidence, and black pepper and fennel, which can boost courage.


Limit Caffeine

Try to limit your caffeine intake. Excessive caffeine will just make you feel more nervous. Instead, opt for more soothing and calming brews, such as chamomile tea or other herbal infusions like lemon balm, lavender and Ashwagandha tea. All great alternatives to caffeine when you need to be soothed and not over-stimulated!


Change of Mind-Set

Sometimes, a simple "talking to yourself" (no, I'm not mad) can do wonders. Tell yourself what you would tell others if they were in a similar situation. And just think, what's the worse that can happen? When you've made your peace with that, you will feel much calmer and will probably enjoy the experience much more.


Imagine Them Naked

Now I must confess, I have never tried this and I don't really know whether it works. But the idea of picturing your interviewers or assessors naked is quite comical and may help you relax when you're feeling a little nervous. It helps you remember that they're the ones who are equally as vulnerable as you and that we're all human. I'm going to try this one next time I have to do something which tests my nerves!

These are just a few ways to deal with nerves in a natural way. Just remember, whatever the outcome, just put it down to experience and if it doesn't go the way you planned, just dust yourself off and try again! What do you do to deal with situations where your nerves might get the better of you?

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Nice article. Typo under #3 guessing it should say sprays and not spays. Although it is indeed important to spay and neuter your pets.

I agree with this article except with the preparation section, "If you need to make a speech, memorize it and do this over and over". I strongly believe that the best way to deliver a successful speech is to do some research on your topic, create an outline, practice in front of a mirror, and in front of 1-3 people. That way you know where to improve by hearing their feedback. You will feel ready and confident for your audience!

Very original and helpful. Thank you. Where can you buy rescue remedy?

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