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Exceptional Ways to Perk up Your Meditation Routine ...

By Sonya

You know that meditation is good for you, but are you looking for ways to perk up your meditation routine?

When mastered, a meditation routine can provide you with an enormous sense of wellbeing and bring some much needed structure and solace to your busy life. However, at the end of the day, meditation really is just sitting down, collecting your thoughts and focusing on your breathing, so it’s no surprise that some people find their own routines becoming a little stale and boring. To get the best out of meditation, you need to be as immersed and committed as you can be, so being bored simply isn’t an option. Here are a few ways to perk up your meditation routine.

1 Meditation Ice Breakers

Try to do something that will effectively ‘break the ice’ of your session, something that will prevent it feeling a little monotonous. This could be listening to a different song every day before starting or taking a short walk with a different route. It can be any small change as long as it is something that is going to stimulate your senses and encourage your focused thoughts to be varied. How's that for one of the best ways to perk up your meditation routine?

2 Change Your Environment

Many meditators advise having a special place to meditate, but it’s not good to meditate in exactly the same spot every day. In fact, it’s the fastest way for the hobby to become stale. If you can, find a different place every day to meditate. This can range from your garden to your bedroom to any other room in your home, along with other places like a quiet spot in the park.

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3 Experiment with Session Length

Switch up the length of your sessions to keep them from being totally identical. Do ten minutes one day, thirty the next and then twenty after that. These varied lengths help to keep you on your toes and help to maintain the impact of the mediation rather than it being absorbed as just another daily thing.

4 Swap Times

If you normally meditate in the morning, then why not experiment with doing it at night instead? The same can be said for doing it the other way round, and if you tend to meditate in the afternoon, then you can bounce between the two to see if it helps to enhance your experience.

5 Background Music

If you have been meditating for a long time in silence, then it might be a good idea to introduce some gentle background music. The music can give the meditation a whole new feel and can save it from becoming too monotonous or stale.

6 Open Your Eyes

Have you gotten into the habit of closing your eyes when you meditate? Mix it up a little bit by trying to keep your eyes open as you go through the motions. You can often access another layer of yourself because it takes so much more power to feel the meditative benefits with open eyes.

7 Chamomile Tea

Meditation and chamomile tea are a match made in heaven! It’s usually the kind of tea that you drink before bed, but the soothing properties that it boasts can really match well with the relaxed but focused mindset you need to get into to really feel the biggest benefits of meditation. One cup before you begin your session can provide a great experience!

8 Meditate in Action

Rather than finding the quietest corner that you can to meditate, go the other way and try to do it in a busy city setting. There is a unique mixture of nature and the man made environment that can be really interesting if you are committed enough to tap in to the meditative state amongst the noise.

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