7 Very Helpful Tips for Dealing with Depression ...


7 Very Helpful  Tips for Dealing with Depression ...
7 Very Helpful  Tips for Dealing with Depression ...

Do you need some tips to deal with depression?

Modern life can be challenging and depression is all too common nowadays. Whether you have been professionally diagnosed with depression or just feel as though you are depressed, these tips can help you combat the darkness that is depression.

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Be Kind to Yourself

You are not weak. You are not being "over dramatic". You are not pathetic, if anything you are the opposite. You are simply burnt out from modern life and your own personal troubles.

It's important to be kind to yourself. It is a waste of time to beat yourself up. You will not benefit from beating yourself up. Praise yourself for recognising your depression. Praise yourself for getting up in the morning. Praise yourself for facing another day. Being kind to yourself can help better your own outlook and reduce negative thoughts.


Establish a Morning Routine

Do something every day and add to your routine as you feel able. It may take you weeks or months to establish a "normal" routine, but that's okay. Take baby steps; your routine can be as basic as you like.

Your routine can simply consist of getting up and making your bed. Do your routine every day as you can manage it. While some tasks can seem extremely overwhelming when you are depressed, it is important to take steps to do them. They will all help overcome your depression, one step at a time.


Learn about Your Hormones

Knowing more about your own body and the effect of your hormones can help you have a better understanding of your own mental health. Dr Libby Weaver has some really fantastic books on women's health and she gives really great insights into women's health issues.


Visit Your GP/Health Professional

If you can find and afford a good GP, it is worth visiting one. They can recommend medications which can be truly beneficial. A drug such as sertraline (aka zoloft) can help reduce anxiety enough to help you do the things (like shower) to help yourself get better. Also sertraline is suitable for expectant and breast feeding mothers. A good doctor can also point you into the right direction for a more 'natural' approach. St Johns Wort has been acclaimed by many to be a wonderful more natural anti depressant. A doctor can also refer you to a counselor.


Lean on Others for Support

If you KNOW, as in, really KNOW someone who would do anything for you, count yourself as fortunate and take advantage of their love. Do tell those around you whats going on. Even if you feel they aren't going to understand, it's worth telling someone, even if it is just to validate yourself.


Simplify Your Life

Grow your own vegetables. Look into minimalism. Remove toxic 'friends'. Do something which will improve your life and make it more simple. Make things easier on yourself and slooow down. Think of slow and then go even slower than that. Life is hard, but there are ways to make it a little easier, one little step at a time.


Appreciate the Small Things

Take the time to breathe. Listen to your breath. Slow your breathing down. Take your pulse. Feel it. Take in the fact that you are alive and you are in charge. Look up at the stars at night, wonder at them for at least 10 seconds and appreciate how bright they are. Open your curtains in the morning and let the light in. If it's 'gloomy', take in the gloominess and try to see it as beautiful. Watch the raindrops hit the ground. Look around you and try a new perspective. You never know what you have been missing.

Finally, Keep well, look after yourself and the darkness will one day lighten and you'll be okay. It takes time to get better, but you will, you can and you are worth it.

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