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6 Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress and Tension ...

By Reem

Namaste my friends! Stress is a continuous pain that often causes worry, anxiety and depression. However, there are multiple ways to release it. Yoga poses to relieve stress is one way. Yoga is a proven way to calm your nerves and relieve any sort of negativity. Each time you hit the mat, you'll feel better and will be so much more relaxed. Check out these 6 yoga poses to relieve stress and let go of all that worry.

1 Child’s Pose

This is an excellent reliever of stress and fatigue and is one of the best yoga poses to relieve stress. It gently rests your muscles and stretches your body. Not to mention, it’s a great exercise to quite the mind and find a sense of calm.

2 Bridge Pose

Are you suffering from headache, insomnia or back pain? Well, it’s time to master the bridge pose. It might also regulate high blood pressure.

3 Corpse Pose

This is my favorite pose and it will take you to utopia. It helps your whole body relax and triggers deep calmness.

4 Extended Triangle Pose

What a great pose to open your heart to the world! This pose is an outstanding body posture that quiets the mind and dashes away stress. It also benefits the whole body, as it stretches most parts of it.

5 Legs-up-the-Wall Pose

This is one of the most nourishing and grounding yoga poses you'll ever find. By doing this pose regularly, you’re not just relaxing your lower body, but also entering a meditative state.

6 Easy Pose

The easy pose is indeed a pleasant pose. It cultivates a calmer environment and quiets the mind. By totally releasing the stress of the day combined with gentle breathing, you’ll end up evoking a deep meditative state.

These are some of my favorite yoga poses for stress. What are yours?

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