Helpful Meditation Tips for Beginners ...

By Georgia

I learned to meditate in 1991 and I didn’t even know it. I was pregnant with my oldest and my gynecologist held a class at the hospital called Lamaze Self Hypnosis. He was a wonderful doctor, gentle and kind, so when he suggested I try it, I trusted him and did just that. Now I want to share my meditation tips for beginners with you.

These classes had me determined that I was going to get through labor without the epidural because I was terrified of needles. I used the technique he taught me to get me through 16 hours of very painful labor. He told me I was amazing for how I got through it. I told him he was an amazing teacher and deserved all the credit.

His “self-hypnosis” techniques were meditation techniques. He taught me to detach my soul from my body by using The Staircase Method. The hardest part of meditating is being able to actually do it, and that requires relaxing the brain cells so the soul can take over. The other challenge is not getting too relaxed where you fall asleep.
Here are some meditation tips for beginners to get you started.

1 Create a Happy Place

One of the most important meditation tips for beginners is to find the right place. Find a spot in your house that is your happy place. If you have an extra room or area of your bedroom, that is ideal. Make it an area you feel relaxed in. Add soft pillows, a yoga mat, or a low sitting chair that allows your feet to sit flat on the ground. Add scented candles and pictures that make you happy.

2 Clothes and Hair

Wear comfortable clothes and no shoes and let your hair down. The way you dress for bed is how you should dress to meditate.

3 Relax

Try and relax before you even start to meditate. Maybe have a glass of wine, work in your garden, go for a walk or get in some yoga. Try and let go of your troubles before you bring them to your happy place.

4 Sitting Position and Grounding Yourself

Sit, either legs crossed on the floor on the yoga mat, or sit in a low sitting chair with your feet grounded on the floor. Grounding yourself in either of these two positions is very important since it helps open your root chakra. This chakra helps to connect you with the energies that come from the earth that give you the ability to meditate.

5 Music or Quiet

I personally listen to music to fall into meditation, my brain won’t slow down otherwise. If sitting in silence works for you, feel free to skip this step, but if you are like me and need music to help you get into that state of meditation you want to be in, create a favorite playlist, put on your headphones, and shuffle some tunes.

6 Breathe on the Staircase

Take a few deep breaths. Deeply inhale and count to 5. Then exhale using the same slow count of 5. Do this process at least three times. While you are taking these breaths, picture yourself taking them at the top of a beautiful staircase. Stare down at yourself and in this visual of yourself, make sure you look good. Continue to watch yourself breathing but bring it to a normal pace.

7 Walk the Staircase

In your visual, take the first step down the staircase. Stop, stand there and start to count backward from 10, while taking each step. Now look down the staircase and visualize someone that makes you happy standing at the bottom of the staircase. For me it is my late grandmother. She is always waiting for me as I take it one step at a time, very slowly, to get to her.

8 Meditation Time

Once you slowly get to the bottom of the staircase you should take the person waiting for you by the arm and go on your meditation journey. Hopefully it’s a beautiful relaxing place with beaches, gardens, and waterfalls. You can come back anytime you want to, just make your way back to the staircase and up the stairs as you slowly count your way back up to 10.

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