4 Types of Meditation to Help You Find Your Zen ...


4 Types of Meditation to Help You Find Your Zen ...
4 Types of Meditation to Help You Find Your Zen ...

There are a lot of types of meditation that can be practiced during any time of the day. There are also a lot of benefits from meditating. It relaxes you, clears your mind and leaves you feeling better after every session. But how do you choose the right type for you? Here are 4 of the most important and efficient types of meditation.

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Buddhist Meditation – Zazen

This Zazen meditation originates from the Chinese Zen Buddhism and means “seated meditation” and it's one of the most popular types of meditation. Its name clearly shows that it is a type of meditation where the person is seated while performing different types of breathing, from the deepest ones, to the slowest ones. It is considered that has its roots in the 6th century and that it has been practiced in Korea and Japan.


Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation means “clear seeing” or “inside,” which means that it provides to the person who is practicing it a clear vision, clear thoughts and inner peace. It is also thought to have originated in the 6th century and during the Vipassana movement. It provides greater concentration and you will be able to stay focused for a longer time.


Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation technique is influenced by the other types and is translated as “mindfulness of the breathing”. With this meditation practice, you will be able to control your breath and will learn how to calm yourself with the breathing techniques. It has its influence from the Western parts of the world.


Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)

The name itself tells you more about the meditation technique. It means “good will” and “”kindness”. It originates from the Buddhist tradition, but is often associated with the Tibetan practice as well. The Loving Kindness Meditation provides more positive feelings and thoughts, so if you want to calm and cheer yourself, this is the perfect practice for you.

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