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4 Healthy Office Life Hacks for Girls Looking to Get Healthier and Slimmer ...

By Kate

Many people think that the only time to get healthier is after work or during vacation, which is not true! We all can keep getting healthier and slimmer while in our offices during the day.

Yes, it’s a great idea to get out of the office and have lunch in a restaurant with hot and fresh food. But what can you do if there’s no restaurant or time to go out?

The answer is to eat in the office. Yet, you need to pay attention to the food you consume while sitting at your desk. It should follow healthy food guidelines, and it also must be tasty so that you don’t have a temptation to eat a hamburger or drink soda afterwards. So here are 4 tips to help you eat well at work and get healthier and slimmer not leaving the office.


eyewear, vision care, glasses, black hair, sunglasses, There’s no need to buy lunch food because you can cook it at home. Get some veggies, some protein, some nuts and fruits for desert and avoid drinks except water. Use your ingredients to prepare healthy salads, sandwiches or nibble trays and you have a fast and healthy lunch with ease.


white, clothing, shoulder, outerwear, textile, Office work automatically equals sitting and low levels of activity. Professional personal trainers recommend finding activities everywhere you go. Don’t use elevators – use stairs, don’t write to your colleague in a chat – go in person to ask a question. The more you walk around, the more calories will be burnt and the better condition your body will be.

3 EAT with a FRIEND

eyewear, sunglasses, vision care, glasses, product, When you eat by yourself, you tend to eat fast and not chew the food properly. So don’t disregard the opportunity to eat with a colleague. First of all, it will let you get to know your office mates better and maybe even connect better. Secondly, you will have to eat slower because you will be talking. As a result you will chew your food better and your body will consume more nutrients that are important for proper functioning.


yellow, sitting, shoulder, product, leg, When working, its common to eat whatever is at hand, so people eat lots of sandwiches, candy bars, bread, fast-cooking noodles, and other not really healthy food choices. Don’t fall into that trap. Try to keep your meals packed with healthy protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to create properly balanced meals. In case you have no idea how to do so, find a nutritionist or personal trainer to discuss your options.

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