Crystal Clear Benefits of Cold Showers ...


Crystal Clear Benefits of Cold Showers ...
Crystal Clear Benefits of Cold Showers ...

Standing under cold water in this wintry weather may be the last thing you would ever want to do, but before you dispel the complete thought of it, take some of the benefits of cold showers into consideration. Believe it or not, but many cultures have incorporated cold water dousing into their religious ceremonies for certain rituals. Even Spartans enjoyed cold baths as they believed that they had limitless health benefits. So if Spartans enjoyed this health therapy, why shouldn’t you? Just take a look at the many benefits of cold showers.

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Increases Metabolism

Cold showers will take you one step closer to the body you have always wanted. When exposed to cold, your body naturally stimulates the production of brown fats, which are involved with burning energy. The more brown fat you have, the more calories you will burn per second and lose weight. Due to increased fat levels, your metabolism will naturally speed up since your blood pressure and body temperature will be increased and therefore the chemical reactions will occur at a faster rate. Who knew one of the benefits of cold showers was increased metabolism?


Increases Hormone Production

If you have been trying to have a child for a while now, there is no damage in using cold showers as a boost. A study done in 1993 has shown that cold showers increase testosterone levels and therefore increase fertility. Additional research has showed that hot baths can drastically decrease sperm count while cold showers will do just the opposite!


Relieves Depression

Believe it or not but cold showers can actually act as anti-depressants! As the cold water hits your skin, it sends an overwhelming amount of impulses from nerve endings to your brain, giving off an effect much similar to that of anti-depressants. It is a natural way to calm yourself down and relieve depression!


Improves Skin and Hair

Everyone always says that if you want healthy hair, you must stay away from blow fryers, straighteners, curlers, etc. However nobody ever mentions hot showers! The hot water hitting your scalp and your whole body in general only dries out your hair and leaves your skin ashy and itchy. So in order to combat that, all you have to do is finish off your shower with cold water so that you pores get closed and the moisture can be locked in. You will definitely be able to notice the improvement in the appearance of your skin and hair.


Increases Energy Level

If you need a little wake up call and would rather stay away from caffeine, cold showers are the way to go! Jumping into the cold shower will activate your nerve endings resulting in increased heartbeat and breathing, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day!


Results in Better Sleep

Although I have mentioned that cold showers are great for a little energy pick me up, they are also great in calming down your body. After the initial shock factor, your body is able to calm down and relax, giving you the chance to have a deeper and longer sleep. Even insomniacs are recommended to have cold showers before hitting the bed!


Builds up Tolerance to Stress

Cold showers are a complete miracle when it comes to health. Not only do they increase your metabolism but they also increase your tolerance to stress. This increased tolerance then turns into a stronger immune system, leading to a healthier you! Not only that, but cold showers are also recommended to reduce chronic pain and inflammation!

While the idea of cold showers does not sound pleasant, they are much better for your health and wellbeing. So even if you are not ready for them now, save them for the summer! Will you be trying this health remedy out?


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I did this years ago, but I'm going to try it again. Esp. if it helps depression AND insomnia? Set me up with summa dat!

Looooove ending my showers off in cold wetter. The best!

Defo will try.. I've alwas finished my hair wash with cold showers and my face with cold water..

I love this ☺️

Definitely taking a cold shower tonight!

Cold shower tonight for me

Cause it gets hot in summer for us Aussies, i have a LOT of cold showers... I guess it's true that your skin looks a lot better from them! Didn't know that!

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