7 Amazing Steps to a Healthier You ...

Who doesn't want to improve themselves and find some great steps to a healthier you? This is a new year and a great time to put all of those New Year's resolutions into play. Whatever it is that makes you happy, this is your year to find that and run with it! Here are some great steps to a healthier you emotionally and physically.

1. Make Your Own Goals

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This is a great way to start the steps to a healthier you. This will put into perspective what you want to achieve this year or even years from now. Make a list and put it up somewhere you see it daily. Remind yourself that this is to better yourself and make your future brighter.

2. Start a Workout Plan

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This doesn't mean that you have to visit the gym every day for two hours, this just means make your own goals for yourself. If that is attending a workout class twice a week, then perfect! If you want to set your goals higher, this can be that you set aside 30 min a day to either walking, running or doing yoga in your home. Just get out there and get active!

3. Set Aside Family Time

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We often forget that our family should come first and work second. Setting aside one night a week for family game or movie night will bring everyone together to connect. This is also a great time to get active! Why not join a team with your family and friends?

4. Drink More Water

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I am sure you all have heard this one before, but please take note! Drinking more water will do you good today, but also in the long run. Water keeps you hydrated, eliminates toxins, keeps you regular and is fantastic for your skin. If you always keep a bottle with you, chances are you will see it and you will drink it!

5. Get More Sleep

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Sounds obvious, right? Well this could turn your days around and in fact make you a happier person. Most of us need 8 hours of sleep a night, and that is an essential need! Now I know most of us neglect that need and try to stay up as long as possible. Keep in mind that sleep reduces stress and inflammation, and allows your body to re-charge. Try turning off your phone, TV or anything else from the outside world at least an hour before you hit the hay.

6. Declutter

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Being around clutter constantly can make you stressed and determine your emotional state. This may mean going through your closet and making room for what 2014 has in store (literally!). This is a great way to cleanse and let go of any negative air from past years. Number one rule - if you haven't worn it in 6 months, donate it!

7. Love is All You Need

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Sounds cliche, but love really does help your emotional levels. Find that something (or someone) to pour your love into. If you are single, get out there and try and find that special someone. If you're happy being single (all the single ladies!), put your love into your best friends or even a pet! Why not? Girl power!

Remember to always make time for you! You should be your first priority when finding what you love and what makes you happy. All of the above will no doubt make you healthier and happier from the inside and out. What are some things that you do to make yourself healthier and happier?

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