How to Stay Healthy during Party Season ...


How to Stay Healthy during Party Season ...
How to Stay Healthy during Party Season ...

When Christmas comes, party season comes along with it! From work parties to family parties to friend’s parties to New Year celebrations, the home straight of the year is a time when you can really let your hair down and let your freak flag fly, but that is only if you can stay healthy enough to enjoy it! To make sure that you can keep on living your very best life in this busy part of the year, here are some ways to stay healthy during party season.

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Healthy Breakfast

No matter what shenanigans you plan to get up to over the course of the day and night, having a filling, healthy breakfast in the morning can set you up and protect you from doing unnecessary damage to yourself! Something that is probiotic heavy like yoghurt with fresh fruit and berries is perfect, because it can actually boost your immune system in the short term.


Drink Mindfully

You don’t have to get absolutely trashed every night in order to enjoy party season. Be strict with yourself and limit yourself to just a few drinks at each function. The connection between drinking and having a good time is a mental one, not one based in any kind of reality. If you feel like you need a beverage in your hand for social reasons, there is nothing wrong with a soft drink!


Power Nap

Rediscover the early childhood beauty of the nap! If you’ve got to be at two or three different get-togethers over a few days, then you can make up some of your sapped energy by taking some strategically timed power naps. Even just twenty minutes here and there in a quiet corner can make the world of difference and prevent holiday exhaustion.



You’ve heard the phrase, work hard play hard, well that applies to the balance between exercise and partying too! Consider how much partying you have done of the last few days, and put together an exercise regime that aims to make up for some of your overindulgence. If you can manage to maintain a good balance between your working out and your partying, you should be able to survive the season!


Healthy Snacks

When you are off work and your schedule is all messed up, it can promote an atmosphere where snacking and eating lots of junk food feels more acceptable. Try to prevent this by stocking up your home with only healthy kinds of snacks. They’re there if you fancy a bite, but they aren’t going to make you feel sluggish!



For every glass of alcohol that you consume at a party, make sure you drink a glass of water to go along with it! Staying hydrated is absolutely essential, especially if you want to try avoid getting a hangover after every party occasion! Being hydrated also helps to keep your metabolism running nice and high, which helps when you are eating more rich foods than usual.

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