7 Easy Peasy Ways to Stay Healthy ...

Staying healthy is tough in a world where there are never enough hours in a day. The kids are moaning, work is calling, and all those little chores relegate health to the very bottom of the pile. But staying healthy isn’t as a difficult as a lot of people think. Here are seven easy ways to stay healthy.

1. Eat Well

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Two-thirds of Americans are classified as overweight. America also has the highest concentration of fast food outlets in the world. It’s no coincidence. Eat poor foods and the body’s veins and arteries begin to clog up with fat. Improve the digestive system with fruits and vegetables to relieve these fatty deposits and the body’s metabolism speeds up.

2. Drink Water

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Drinking water is vital for staving off the temptation of a juicy burger. Studies have shown many people feel hunger even when the body doesn’t need food. It’s an intriguing phenomenon, but when it comes to waist sizes it’s damaging. Drink an ice-cold glass of water to ward off any hunger pangs.

3. Exercise

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Regardless of how healthy someone eats, the calories which go in must be used up or the body stores them as fat. If a meal of fruit generates 100 kcal the body must burn 100 kcal in exercise. The sort of exercise is entirely up to the individual. Gently melt the calories with prolonged light exercise with an elliptical machine or obliterate them in a single intense gym session. Take that metaphorical metabolic treadmill and translate it to the real world!

4. Sleep Right

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Sleeping for fewer than six hours damages the body’s ability to repair itself after a hard day’s work. The American Cancer Society revealed some groundbreaking research to the world when they demonstrated sleeping for longer than nine hours can do just as much harm; sleep between six and nine hours each night to avoid causing some real long-term health problems.

5. Stress

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Stress impacts everything from the efficiency of the digestive system to the rate at which the body repairs itself. It’s why stressed men and women commonly experience more health problems than their more-relaxed counterparts. Sometimes cutting work hours isn’t possible, but by pursuing a passion and spending the rest of the day doing something enjoyable, the body can feel better and prevent the onset of stress.

6. Vices

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It needs no explanation. Drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol all damage the body in their own ways. They kill cells, negatively influence the mind, and throw the body’s metabolism out of its natural cycles. Don’t let all those hours in the gym go to waste!

7. Consistency

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Changing your body regularly is just as unhealthy, as remaining unhealthy consistently. The body runs on consistency and routine. The army of New Year’s resolution makers who march down to the gym every January fail to make a lasting impression on their health as they rarely maintain their progress and soon return to their old habits. Don’t go all out in the beginning. Make the small changes established above and go through a gentle transitioning towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

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