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Everyday is an opportunity to change our narrative and to reshape our future. For years, I felt stuck and fell prey to the misconception that our reality is set in stone, that WE are set in stone and that change is inconceivable. Kind of depressing, right? Well, this was 30 year old me. Fast-forward 5 years later and I stand before you singing a different tune, and I want to share the habits that have been pivotal in transforming my expectations, my beliefs, my thoughts, my perceptions and MY LIFE.

I’ve consciously spent the last five years on a journey towards betterment. I have been on a very deliberate course to constantly improve and to live each day becoming a better version of myself. Through this journey, I’ve adopted these 4 daily practices and they have transformed me into a more confident, empowered and fierce woman.

1 Meditate

It only took a few months into my practice to experience the benefits of meditation. As a Type A Personality, I was easily characterized by an excessive need for control. Meditation has helped reduce my grip on “needing” everything to be perfect. As a result, my temperament has become more even-keeled, allowing me to better handle a demanding career and bustling home life.

To put simply, meditation has rewired my brain and has forever altered my inner voice. The tools and benefits of meditation have subconsciously crossed over to real life in how I tackle conflict at work and at home. It’s as if time has slowed down so I can become more mindful of a situation instead of being reactive, so I can bathe in the present moment as opposed to getting caught up by the mile-long to-do list that lurked in the corner of my mind. Meditation has ironically given me more control over my thoughts and emotions; and I use the term “ironically” because, with this control, it has also released my need for control.

2 Be Active

While meditation has helped to recharge my brain, I look to running or yoga to recharge my body. The rush of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine instantly energizes and empowers me. I hold a lot of stress in my body so moving deliberately through sun salutations or running against the clock helps to release that tension for a full body elevation.

Between a career and juggling parenthood, it is very challenging to carve out time for myself. It has taken years to finally build a routine to ensure that I don’t forget about myself, in the chaos of everyday life.

I have about 1.5 hours from the time I leave work until the time I need to pick up my son from his after school program. This is “me” time and this is when I get my sweat on.

I always wanted to be that person who wakes up at 5 am to hit the yoga mat or hit the pavement running. But, I am just not built that way, no matter how hard I have tried to force it. So, I work with what I got and I use this early evening timeframe to further decompress from work and make a smoother transition into mom mode.


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3 Read

Reading daily is a workout for the brain, just as running is to your cardiovascular system. I would love to say that I carve out 30 minutes each day in a quiet space in my home to immerse myself in a book. But let’s be real, there is no such thing as a quiet space in a home that is occupied with children.

Becoming a parent has taught me to become more efficient and creative with how I use my time. I have learned to take greater advantage of my time spent driving or cleaning to listen to audiobooks. Not only does this help stimulate my brain power but it also makes these more seemingly mundane activities enjoyable. Reading, for the double win!

4 Take CBD Oil

When I became a mom in my thirties, my world changed forever, just as it does for so many parents. One thing I was not prepared for though was the exacerbated stress and anxiety. This weighed me down and I felt completely overwhelmed. I found myself struggling to balance a demanding career, motherhood, family and life. Plain and simple, I found myself losing myself and the picture-perfect moms on Instagram left me feeling sad, wondering “What was I doing wrong?”

While my healthy lifestyle and daily meditation practice helped, I needed more and I need another tool to add to my arsenal. Through this journey to find another healthy remedy to alleviate the stress and anxiety, I found CBD Oil, and more specifically Full Spectrum CBD Oil. This has been a game-changer and has positively impacted all aspects of my life—from combatting stress, alleviating anxiety, reducing aches and pains from workouts, improving focus and inducing deeper sleep cycles. CBD is relief in a bottle and has helped me feel my best.

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