10 Weight Loss Victories You Can Count without a Scale ...

Step off of that scale, my dear! Weight loss and health are not always synonymous. Just like age, the figure on the scale is just a number, and more often than not it's inaccurate and can actually be more of a discouragement than encouragement. There are much more accurate ways to measure your fitness success. Read on for the satisfying signs.

1. Clothes Call

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You may have been able to utilize your skills as a skinny jean acrobat/pseudo contortionist in a second-rate version of Cirque Du Soleil in the past, but now you're able to pull up your pants sans physical spasm-like dance. Hips don't lie, honey!

2. Let's Get Physical

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Your body is talking, and it's saying, "get thee to that gym class on time!" and you're more than happy to oblige this command. You welcome new physical challenges. Your relationship with your workouts has become more love than hate. You see the results, and you love them.

3. Stronger than Yesterday

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Treating your body right will make you noticeably stronger, in both body and mind. Things will seem lighter - physically because you've acquired more muscle strength, and mentally because you've acquired more positive energy and peace of mind from those exercise endorphins and clean foods.

4. Energizer Bunny

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You no longer have a stair stare down. You take those steps on like Rocky Balboa, and if needed, you could even do a victory climb just to really show 'em who's boss. Just nix those celebratory air fist pumps when you reach the top ... Ah what the h - e - double hockey sticks! You only live once - fist bump that air!

5. Metabolic Rate Stimulate

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Regular physical activity and consumption of high-fibre fruits and vegetables keep you regular. What I mean is, you're a queen who'll be sitting atop her porcelain throne more frequently. The more you "go," the more you get that metabolism flowing. There's a misconception that the less you eat, the more weight you lose. In fact, if you eat less frequently you will put your body into starvation mode, and you will store more fat for conservation. The key is to eat small, healthy meals 5 times a day. The healthier you treat yourself, the healthier your body will treat you, so don't be surprised if not only your metabolism is boosted, but your immune system is as well.

6. Carrots and Peas, Yes Please!

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You crave healthy foods. When you incorporate more whole, clean food into your diet, your body no longer looks to junk food for a quick fix. Sure, that cupcake in front of you looks good, but you know it won't look good around your waistline, and more importantly it won't feel good in the long run. Eat enough of them and you won't be able to run at all! A little indulgence is okay in moderation, just be sure you're primarily eating proactively for your health and you'll be on the right track. Fuel yourself, don't fool yourself!

7. Friendly Acknowledgment

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Your friends have started acknowledging that "something looks different" about you. Is it a new hairstyle? Have you finally perfected liquid eyeliner and lost the panda facade? Nope! You're just a more trimmed and toned panda now! (Okay, maybe it's just me who needs help in the liner department! Cleanup on "eyele" one, stat!)

8. New Mood New Attitude

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You wake up every morning feeling how great it is to be alive, like every breath is a sweet gift of life sent from up above - And you haven't even doused yourself with caffeine yet! In fact, you don't even need coffee! You're just THAT chipper naturally! Basically, you've become more like one of those morning people that everyone "hates." But don't worry, they're just a little jealous! They could be just as vivacious if they too changed their exercise and eating habits. You see, the better you take care of yourself, the better you feel, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Now that's something to smile about!

9. I'm Talking Bout the Woman in the Mirror

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You've started coming onto yourself (more often, perhaps), with your best Joey Tribbiani "how you doin'?" impression, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You didn't realize you could possibly BE any sexier, but treating your body right with exercise and healthy foods has made you FEEL sexier! You've earned that muscle definition! You should love yourself unconditionally - always, but there's nothing wrong with a little healthy infatuation with the new you!

10. Healthier Body Image

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You're not perfect, you're a human being, but damn you're looking imperfectly hot lately! You've stopped focusing on any perceived flaws and you've begun to notice how fabulous you really are. Self-love that comes from treating your body right is the greatest non-scale victory of all.

Take back control, and scale back from using the scale. It's only weighing you down - and not in a good way! Obsessing over the fluctuation of a number only hinders your progress and can make you feel defeated, contributing to you losing your mind rather than weight. Pay attention to how you feel and look. The results will be hard to miss. Time to toss the scale? I think so!

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