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Fixes for Common Period Problems We Wish We Knew Sooner ...

By Holly

Your period doesn't have to be the worst time of the month. As long as you know how to handle the problems that come along with it, you'll be able to survive. Don't buy it? Check out these tips from Woman's Day:

1 Acne

AcneIf your acne gets out of control during your period, you should use a gentle cleanser, while avoiding harsh scrubs, toners, and wipes.

2 Lower-Back Pain

Lower-Back PainIf you're struggling with lower back pain, you should heat up a heating pad and place it on the area. Yoga and stretching has been proven to reduce back pain, as well.

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3 Fatigue

FatigueYou should be getting seven or eight hours of sleep per night. If you're still tired when you wake up, do some cardio for a half-hour to get an energy boost.

4 Cravings

CravingsThe best way to get over your cravings is to give in to them--to an extent. Instead of eating the salty fries you've been craving, eat baked sweet potato wedges instead.

5 Mood Swings

Mood SwingsIf you're moody, you should snack on produce and protein. That will help you "avoid blood sugar fluctuations that exacerbate moodiness."

6 Gut Trouble

Gut TroubleIf you're feeling bloated, try not to eat any salty foods. It'll make the pain worse.

7 Weight Gain

Weight GainThe last thing you want to do around your period is exercise, but it helps when you're PMSing.

What do you do to cure these common period problems?

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