These Things Are Actually Making Your Period Worse ...

Your period isn't any fun. However, if you make the wrong moves, that time of the month will feel even worse than usual. According to Seventeen, here are a few things that are actually making your period worse:

1. You've Skipped the Pill (more than Once)

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If you forget to take your pill, it could cause "irregular spotting and bleeding." Not to mention that you could end up pregnant if you're sexually active. If you're on the pill, make sure you actually take your pills.

2. You're so Incredibly Stressed

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If you're overly stressed, it can mess with your body. That means you might have irregular periods, or your period might disappear completely.

3. You Don't Have a Normal Sleep Schedule

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You need your beauty sleep. Why? Well, if you don't get enough shut eye, then you could end up having longer periods than usual. That's the last thing you want.

4. You Chug Coffee

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You don't want to drink too much coffee. If you do, then it will increase certain period symptoms, like irritability and anxiety.

5. You Work out Too Much like a Boss

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It's healthy to work out. However, you want to exercise in moderation. If you go overboard, then it could cause hormone imbalances. That means you'll end up with irregular periods.

What else has made your periods worse in the past?

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