7 Reasons Your Period is Acting Crazy 😵 ...

Periods are the bane of a woman’s existence and that’s when they act like they’re supposed to. When they start acting crazy, they move from bane to making us insane! So if you’re period is acting weird, these’re some reasons it could be off. And while it’s good to read up on the subject, always let your doctor know when something’s up with your cycle.

1. You’re Stressed

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Stress can do more to our bodies than we realize. One of the simplest issues it can cause is to make your period go MIA. It’s frustrating and definitely aggravating but it happens. It’s one of your body’s ways of telling you to chill out and change the stressful conditions in your life. Anytime you don’t have a period you should always take a pregnancy test if that’s a possibility.

2. Your Hormone Levels Are off

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Women are hormonal creatures. Our hormones play a huge role in our cycles, our emotions, our appetite and more. When they aren’t exactly where they should be, your period is going to be affected. It could be shorter or longer than usual. It could even disappear completely. Anytime your period is off for more than one cycle, call your doctor.

3. Your Weight Has Changed Drastically in a Short Amount of Time

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Weight gain and weight loss aren’t always a problem for your period. The problem comes in when your weight changes drastically during a short period of time. A drastic change is hard on your body, especially your reproductive system. Gradual weight loss is always the preferred method. Not only is it healthier but you have a much better chance of keeping it off.

4. Something Medical is Going on

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There’s always the chance something medical is going on when your period is acting crazy. There’re many medical conditions that can affect your menstrual cycle. Two problems that can directly affect your period are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis. Both are treatable so it’s important to reach out to your doctor if you suspect either condition. Believe it or not, I’ve had both of those medical conditions and my period was greatly affected by them.

5. You’re Going on or Coming off the Pill

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Birth control is a medication that’s not only used to prevent pregnancy but also to treat other medical conditions. And while it can regulate your period and make it much more normal, that’s not the case when you’re first going on or coming off of it. It takes your body a bit to adjust to having it in your system or not having it in your system. This usually straightens out in a month or two, though. It’s one of the easiest weird period things to deal with.

6. Other Meds Are Messing with You

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Other meds can make your period weird out besides birth control. I can’t name them all since my knowledge is limited on the subject but I do know it can happen. One medication that can mess with your period is steroids. Because I’m an asthmatic, I sometimes have to take steroids. My period almost always gets crazy in the cycle following that.

7. You’re Preggo

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And the last reason your period may be going crazy is because you’re pregnant! Yes, your period should stop when you’re pregnant but it’s not unheard of to have one shorter, lightee period after conception. Anytime your period acts off and there’s a chance of pregnancy, take the test. You need to know so you can start taking special care of yourself if that’s the case.

These’re 7 reasons your period may be acting crazy. Could any of these be going on with you? You’re welcome to share your thoughts and comments.

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