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What to Expect during Your Very First Gynecological Visit ...

By Eliza

Going to the gynecologist is something that all women have to deal with, though most don’t schedule their first appointment until their teens or early adulthood. Your gynecologist helps monitor your reproductive and womanly health so it’s a good idea to make a visit at least once a year. Once you’re ready to become a mother, you may have to go more often. Likewise if you have specific health issues involving your womanly organs. Here’s what to expect at your first visit.

1 A Lot of Talking Will Happen

Plan to spend just a bit longer at your first gynecological visit because your doctor will want to discuss all sorts of medical issues. She’ll probably ask you about your family history of breast or ovarian cancer and other health issues you’ve ever had. You’ll also have to discuss your sexual history. This serves as a basis for the types of things she’ll want to be on the lookout with for you. You may have to fill out a questionnaire as well.

2 Lab Tests for Health Issues

At your first visit, you should expect to have to be tested for various sexual health issues. This may include a Pap smear, a urine test, blood tests and specific STD tests. All of this will give your gynecologist a clear picture of what’s going on with you so that you and she can decide how to proceed with things like birth control or other meds.


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3 Expect a Pelvic Exam

This is how your gynecologist will determine what things look like on the inside. That includes your ovaries, vagina and uterus. I can’t tell you this will be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever experienced, but it only takes a minute or two so you won’t have to suffer for too long. Hereafter, you’ll need a pelvic exam every year.

4 You’ll Also Get a Breast Exam

Your doctor will also assess the health of your breasts by giving them an exam. This will involve feeling them all over and looking for any type of abnormality. The entire exam is usually over in about a minute and is really important for making sure you don’t have any lumps or bumps that could indicate a serious issue like breast cancer.

5 Counseling is Another Important Thing to Expect

Your gynecologist is also going to counsel on you how to stay sexually healthy and improve your health. This might not be something you’re dying to do, but it can be pretty enlightening so it’s a good idea to suffer through it. What you might find is that there are lots of things that you need to find out and that are important for your health.

6 Birth Control Discussions Are a Must

Chances are that you’re seeing your gynecologist because you want some sort of birth control. During your first visit, you’ll probably talk about your health and what kind of birth control would work best for you. Whether it’s the pill or the patch, expect to have a long discussion about birth control and which one is your best bet.

7 Anything else That’s Going on

If you have long periods, pain in your nether regions or other issues, make sure you bring them up too. That way you can work out a plan to treat those issues and keep them from compromising your sexual health.

Have you had your first gynecologist visit? How did it go?

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