Myths about Birth Control Pills That Sexually Active Women Should Know ...


Birth control pills aren't dangerous. If anything, they're actually going to keep you safe. That's why you should stop believing these ridiculous myths about birth control pills. Self has the real facts for you:

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The Pill Causes Weight Gain

The Pill Causes Weight Gain Some women will gain water weight from the pill. However, they won't gain anything more than that. It's just a coincidence that some women gain weight around the same time they start taking the pill, because they're starting college or starting to develop more in their late teens


The Pill Makes It Harder to Get Pregnant after You Go off It

The Pill Makes It Harder to Get Pregnant after You Go off It As soon as you stop taking the pill, you'll be able to get pregnant again. It doesn't mess with your fertility. If you stop taking the pill when you hit 40 and have trouble conceiving, you'll be less fertile because of your age, not because of the pill.


You Need to Take the Pill at the Same Time Every Day for It to Work

You Need to Take the Pill at the Same Time Every Day for It to Work
It's okay if you take the pill a few hours late one day. Even if you miss a day completely, you can make up for it. So don't stress out too much.


It’s Not Safe to Skip Your Period
You can take the active pills in your birth control pack to stop your period. There's nothing harmful about it.


The Pill Causes Acne

The Pill Causes Acne If anything, the pill will actually help get rid of your acne. It'll "help lower the amount of testosterone in your system, and therefore, lessen the chance of acne."

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The pill USED to cause weight gain, years and years ago. On today's birth control pill (which is very different from the original pill), if you gain 10 lbs that's on you.

The pill definitely can cause weight gain..

Actually, to recurve full benefits and protection from the pill, you should take it at the same time everyday. It says so on the label and is also what your doctor or pharmacist recommends. Also, many studies have shown that weight gain positively correlated and is associated with taking forms of birth control including the pill. I suggest talk to you doctor or looking up studies done on birth control pills from an online medical journal or database.

#7. Should be the pill may protect you from pregnancy, but it doesn't protect you from Hpv, HIV or other serially transmitted diseases.

Missing a day defeats the purpose of taking the pill

My friend was on it because her period symptoms were really bad, horrible cramps and head aches. One day her mom walked into her room and found her on the floor seizing. Now she is unable to walk. I highly suggest reading all the side effects and determining if it's actually worth it.

This was not a well researched article.

It just depends on the person really. I could live without my pills. My periods manageable now and all my hormonal acne is gone. I didn't gain any weight. Realistically, it depends on what pill you take. I took a BC pill that had the same level of hormones all month and that made me feel like shit. I switched after 2-3 years since it didn't help anything. Now taking a pill that each week is different amounts of hormones and it's great. You have to find the pill for your body.

But even if you did, do you know what also causes weight gain? Pregnancy

It may not cause acne but wait until you stop taking it your hormones go mad and the acne starts!! It does also weight gain. It can also take a while to get pregnant after stopping the pill.

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