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The 7 Biggest Health Questions from around the World ...

By Tara

Across the world these health questions are getting asked daily and you may be wondering the same questions as well. People ask so many questions on knee pain, bloating, adequate sleep and even consuming a multivitamin. If you are confused waiting a deeper scope into these questions, relax and I will help you to crack the code and find the answer. Follow these tips on health questions from around the world so you can master your life!

1 What to do about My Severe Knee Pain

As your certified trainer there are two solutions; you need to diet and exercise. If you are overweight, dropping just a few pounds can provide significant relief. According to the Arthritis Foundation for every 1 pound of weight you lose this takes 3 pounds of pressure off your joints. So if you are overweight dropping a few can take the pressure of your knees and decrease your pain!

2 Is Sugar Really That Bad for You

Actually yes, sugar can cause you to bloat, gain weight and transform your body in a not so good way. Since sugar has been linked to causing inflammation in the body this causes puffiness. In addition an increase in sugar has been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and a host of other illnesses. So ditch the sugar and better your health!

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3 Why do I Always Seem to Get Bloated after Dining out

If every time you dine out you notice your rings are tight and you are puffy, you may just be one of those people that retains water. Those that retain water need to sweat it out and drink lots of water. You can also aid this decrease of bloating by drinking lemon water. And if you ae wondering why in the world this happens, this is usually due to genetics. But do not yell at mom, look at all the great genetics you have because of her!

4 Should I Have a Multivitamin

People across the world ask this question because they are concerned they are not consuming adequate nutrition. I complete understand this and even with all my leafy greens I eat I wonder myself. But keep in mind that vitamins are not regulated by the FDA so how do you know what is listed on the label is even in there? I recommend that you consume whole foods with plenty of veggies, fruits and whole grains. Your body will thank you in both how you look and feel!

5 How Can I Live a Longer Life

Studies show to live a long, healthy life you need to make three choices carefully. If you decide to marry, choose a partner for life that is you best friend. Make sure your career is a passion that you love and enjoy each and every day! And stay active by exercising regularly and making healthy food choices. If you follow this you can increase the risk of your life. Of course genetics play a role but if you can better your chances, why not makes these simple daily choices?

6 How Much Water Should I Drink

Some say to drink 6 glasses while others tell you 8-10; so what is the real amount your body requires? You are fine in drinking just 6 glasses of water a day but by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, you can aid in the digestion process. You will also feel full longer and even help better your skin. So cheers to a glass of cool, crisp water!

7 If I do Not Sleep Enough I Will Gain Weight

Studies show that if you do not sleep for 7-9 hours a day, you will gain weight. But is this actually true? Inadequate sleep can cause you to feel uncomfortable, groggy and have hunger cravings. Food that may not look so good when you are rested looks incredible now that you are sleep deprived. So get to bed and catch some Zzzzs. Your body will thank you with great results.

Hope you have enjoyed these tips from around the world that can better your health and your life. Wishing you all the best in life, love and wellness!

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