7 Benefits of Hypnosis You Didn't Know about ...


7 Benefits of Hypnosis You Didn't Know about ...
7 Benefits of Hypnosis You Didn't Know about ...

Hypnosis is very controversial technique used especially in psychotherapy, but also people use it in stage hypnosis, so nowadays there are a lot of people who misunderstand the importance of this therapeutic tool and don’t really know what the true benefits of hypnosis are. In therapy, it is often used to solve different problems or disorders that can’t be solved in a logical or more analytic way. Through hypnosis, a person commits to an unconscious and creative search of his own solutions to his own problems and discovers the unique answers to his unique questions. Although very mysterious, this technique is a valuable and extremely useful asset in every psychotherapist’s arsenal, because there are so many benefits of hypnosis people don’t even know about. I will try to help you create an overall view of what this amazing therapeutic tool can do and I’ll describe you the situations where is most commonly used with fantastic results.

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Hypnosis Can Help You Manage All That Stress

One of the most important benefits of hypnosis is its use in stress management, nowadays stress being one of the main causes of mental disorders. By the use of this technique, the patients are taught to manage their stress response by learning to relax, by learning new coping strategies, by strengthening the Self and by doing cognitive re-framing. The psychotherapists that use clinical hypnosis believe that a person has all the resources that he needs in order to change and that he can access them unconsciously using this amazing technique. In order to reach this unconscious part of the Self, in hypnosis the therapist often uses metaphors, different stories so he could be understood by that creative and instinctive part that he addresses during the therapy session.


Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking creates such a powerful addiction to nicotine or to all the other toxic chemicals that are used in cigarettes so that this really bad habit can require a lot of effort in order to be given up, but it’s not impossible! Many people have done it, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it too! I don’t know if you were aware of this, but hypnosis is one of the main and most efficient methods used to give up smoking. There are also so many studies that can prove this, the smoking cessation rates reaching up to 61%. If you are a smoker and you want to quit, but you think you tried everything and didn’t work, give hypnosis a chance and you may be surprised by the results. You’ve got nothing to lose, only benefits!


Hypnosis Can Help You Solve Your Troubles Sleeping

Stress often causes sleeping troubles and because of it, you may always feel tired, even exhausted or sometimes even more stresses. A person with insomnia has difficulties falling asleep, wakes up during the night or wakes up really early in the morning. Hypnosis is often used in treating sleeping disorders and has a high success rate as well. By the help of this technique, patients learn how to relax more deeply, how to diminish their anxiety and how to control their stress levels. It offers extremely satisfying results, so why not give it a try!


Hypnosis Can Be Used in Treating Sexual Dysfunctions

Another one of the main benefits that hypnosis may offer is the fact that it can be used to treat psychological sexual dysfunctions, with spectacular results. Sexual dysfunctions may appear when a disorder sets in any of the four stages of sexual response (lust, arousal, orgasm and solving the sexual needs). Sexual problems can be solved with the help of self-hypnosis and by the help of this technique, the patient will learn to relax, to decrease the level of his anxiety, thing that is the main cause of this kind of disorder. Hypnosis can be also used to help the person accept his body image, his guilt, his fear of sex and it can offer him the feeling of self-control in situations he perceives as being difficult.


You Can Use Hypnosis to Control Your Weight

Besides all the other benefits it can bring you, hypnosis can also offer you an effective aid in controlling your weight. This very special technique can help somebody identify his emotions, his feelings and the thoughts that determined him to adopt an erratic eating behavior. By having access to the unconscious mind with the help of this therapeutic tool, a person can easily discover which are the different causes that led to this unhealthy behavior and by clarifying all the aspects related to this, it will much easier for him to put some order in his live and in his eating habits.


Hypnosis Can Be Used to Ease Pain

I personally believe that one of the most important uses of hypnosis is pain management. Because pain perception is enhanced by stress, anxiety or even by redirecting your attention to the painful area, hypnosis is of precious help by offering some substantial pain relief. Lately, all the studies in this field have tried to diversify and to expand the use of this technique in pain management, and really amazing results have been obtained in studies that combined hypnosis with virtual reality in treating acute pain, in burn victims. I think that in this field, in treating acute and chronic pain, hypnosis can really show its best assets. I hope that future research will highlight even more the benefits of this extremely useful tool.


Hypnosis Can Be Used in Treating Skin Problems

One of the benefits of hypnosis you didn’t know about was the fact that it is often used in treating all sorts of dermatological problems. Our skin is an organ that expresses extremely well our every emotion and by the use of a metaphor, we could say that a dermatological issue could represent the way our skin cries. If you have a sensitive skin that reacts to your every emotional change and this thing causes you rashes, you can try hypnosis; it will solve your skin problems in no time. Also, there are studies that show the fact that hypnosis can be very effective in treating warts, dermatitis or even psoriasis.

I hope the facts I presented about hypnosis will come to your help and in case of any trouble, you will benefit from using this amazing technique. Now, did you already know about all these uses of hypnosis, or do you know any other that I haven’t mentioned here? Please, share!

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