8 Simple but Highly Effective Techniques to Cure Panic Attacks ...


8 Simple but Highly Effective Techniques to Cure Panic Attacks ...
8 Simple but Highly Effective Techniques to Cure Panic Attacks ...

How to Cure Panic Attacks is something every sufferer should know. Panic attacks are so scary, so debilitating; going through them generally only makes you panic that much more. The good news is that learning how to cure panic attacks is easy. The techniques take time to implement, but you can learn how to control your feelings of panic. If you suffer from these terrifying attacks, you can learn how to cure panic attacks by trying out these techniques.

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Just Breathe

I know this advice may seem trite but it is one of the surest ways to learn how to cure panic attacks. The onset of a panic attack usually makes you breathe fast, which causes other problems, like extreme muscle tension and a rapid pulse. Just remember to breathe deep, and make sure each one lasts anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds. Hold your breath before exhaling.


Practice Yoga

Believe it or not, doing yoga can ultimately help you control your panic attacks. Yoga teaches peace of mind. It teaches you to be calm and shows you how to soothe your mind and body. That knowledge can be extremely helpful in the midst of a panic attack.


Keep Your Muscles Relaxed

This is also essential in terms of learning how to cure panic attacks. To do this, you need to practice relaxing your muscles with the right exercises. Simple stretching exercises work the best, especially if they involve holding a pose and then releasing.


Banish Stress

Easier said than done, right? But, inasmuch as you can, eliminating stress from your life is extremely beneficial. If a certain person or situation always triggers a panic attack and it's possible to do so, then getting that thing out of your life is the best option. At the very least, try to minimize your involvement.


Eat Right

In order to learn how to cure panic attacks, having a healthy diet is essential. There is quite a bit of proof that having a diet full of essential vitamins and minerals can help your brain to function properly. It improves your day to day life, and that alone can help with panic attacks.


Switch Your Focus

Focusing solely on yourself during a panic attack makes it worse. Instead, shift your focus to something completely outside of the situation. Focus on another person, an object in the distance, give your pet some love – do anything that takes the focus away from whatever is making you panic. Give a monologue of what you're feeling if you have to. Sometimes venting can help.


Be Positive

Talking yourself down can be helpful in learning how to cure panic attacks. Talk positively to yourself. You can't always rely on someone else to take your mind off the situation. Instead, discuss with yourself what is making you so anxious and give yourself positive messages. Let yourself know you don't have to be stressed or panicked, this is a momentary thing, and the situation does not control you.


Don't Let It Control You

This might seem counterproductive, but it's really a case of mind over matter. Don't run from your panic attack either, otherwise you're giving your brain and body the message that you have no control over the attack. Let your attitude be free and easy instead; adopt a mantra of “go with the flow.” You can't control every situation – so don't let them control you either.

I hope these techniques can help you figure out how to cure panic attacks. Discovering how to cure panic attacks can give you an element of control, which is important when you suffer from them. Feeling out of control can lead to panic, after all, so by learning how to cure panic attacks and make your body listen to you, you can reduce your risk of having them. If you have panic attacks, do you have any other tips and techniques for calming yourself?

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I always have panic attacks at night, and sometimes they get so bad that I have to turn to my mum to help me talk myself down. These techniques are very effective, most of them have worked for me when I have little ones, I find that brushing my teeth or talking a lot helps, so that if it gets to the point that I'm so nervous I might throw up, it's just easier to think, oh I did my teeth, I can taste that minty taste, I'm not going to throw up. It sounds completely ridiculous but it works. Great advice :D

Sometimes I get them at work because I feel like people are judginge me.

I always get small panic attacks when I have to talk in front of people. My hands and legs start shaking and my voice quivers and becomes really shrill. Sometimes it gets so bad that I nearly start crying. There is a really really important presentation coming up at school and I'm so afraid that I will actually start crying this time. Do you have any suggestions how to deal with that?

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