7 Tips to Get over a Caffeine Addiction ...


7 Tips to Get over a Caffeine Addiction ...
7 Tips to Get over a Caffeine Addiction ...

The following 7 tips to get over a caffeine addiction might help you kick the habit once and for all. If you only drink beverages with caffeine rarely, then I wouldn't consider that to be an addiction. However, if you find yourself toting around a 2 liter bottle of soda or a thermos full of coffee everywhere you go, then you might have a caffeine addiction on your hands.

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Switch to Tea if You Are an Avid Coffee Drinker

Tea has about half as much caffeine in it as coffee. It's difficult to suddenly quit drinking coffee if you consume an entire pot full daily. Switching to tea and sticking to the same quantity as you drink of coffee will lower your dose of caffeine and hopefully make it easier to wean yourself off of it.


Mix Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee Together

When I was trying to drink less caffeine-laden coffee, I found mixing in a scoop of decaffeinated with my two scoops of regular coffee to be a good first step. After a few weeks of this mixture, I then started adding a single scoop of regular coffee with two scoops of decaffeinated. Eventually I was able to start drinking only decaffeinated without feeling dependent on the caffeine.


Substitute a Glass of Juice for a Glass of Soda Once in a While

Do you find yourself refilling your glass with soda pop all day long? The sweetness of this carbonated and caffeine-filled beverage is what keeps a lot of people hooked on it. Buy a container of 100 percent fruit juice and fill your glass with this a couple of times a day, instead of soda pop. Drinking a glass of water instead is much better, since caffeine can easily make you dehydrated and water will help to replenish some of the water you've lost from drinking too much soda.


Eat a Piece of Chocolate to Ease Yourself off of Stronger Forms of Caffeine

Most forms of chocolate have less caffeine in them than regular tea, coffee, or soft drinks. Sometimes eating even a small piece of chocolate can give enough of a caffeine boost that you won't feel such a strong urge to drink a glass of something with a higher concentration of caffeine.


Find Something else to Boost Your Energy

People often consumer caffeine to wake up or get a needed energy boost when they need it most. Taking a walk, hopping on the treadmill, playing a game of basketball, or going for a bike ride will all boost your energy level and in a much healthier way. Anytime you can find an alternative method to increase your energy, take it!


Take up a Hobby

Boredom has been known to make people choose beverages with caffeine and junk food as a substitute for doing something fun. Getting a new hobby might be just what you need. Choose something you are already interested in or passionate about so there will be less chance of you becoming bored by your new hobby.


Get a Friend to Help

If you have a friend who is in the same situation, try teaming up and kicking the caffeine addiction together. You can cheer each other on and be the support needed to make your addiction go away for good. Write down small goals to eliminate your addiction to caffeine so you can achieve them together.

I hope this list of 7 tips to get over a caffeine addiction will benefit you or someone you know who can't seem to give it up. What methods have you already tried in the past?

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