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Remember to Look after Your Health after a Breakup ...

By Neecey

After a breakup your attention is focused on having enough tissues to cry into, staring at your phone waiting for a text that never comes, making sure you have enough ice cream and chocolate, playing so many what if scenarios and bemoaning your woes to anyone who’ll listen. Your health is second fiddle to your emotions, but it shouldn’t be. It’s just as important to look after your health after a breakup, if not more important as you’re at a low ebb and vulnerable.

1 Sadness = Motivation

One of the best ways to be healthy after a breakup is to let the sadness you might be feeling be a motivator to set you on the path of new fitness. Make the conscious effort not to drown your sorrows in boxes of chocolates or high calories take out, but rather channel your break up woes in to cooking clean for yourself. You would be surprised just how much better maintaining a healthy diet can make you feel during a breakup.

2 Meditate

At a time when all of your thoughts seem to be focusing on the one thing that you want to forget, practicing meditation can be a wonderful release from the incessant memories of your relationship. Even things like simple breathing exercises for about ten minutes a day can help you to get back in touch with your core emotions and feelings rather than the current and temporary ones related to your ex.

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3 Cut Back on the Bad Stuff

Whether your poison is alcohol, junk food, chocolate or something else, it is never a good idea to give in to your urges when you are at your lowest ebb. It will only lead to over indulgence and regret later down the line when you realize that you have put a dent in your overall health. Instead of internalizing your sadness by bingeing on bad foods or drink, verbalize your feelings to your friends in a healthier, more therapeutic way.

4 New Hobbies

To fill the void that your ended relationship has left, why not try taking up a new hobby that can give you more to think about than your ex and also keep you fit and healthy? Something like hiking, running, cycling, swimming, all of these activities are great for the body and equally great for the mind.

5 Hit the Boxing Gym

If you have some left over ill will towards your ex, a brilliant way to channel and release that anger while simultaneously keeping fit is to hit up your local boxing gym to beat the hell out of a punching bag! Aggression and frustration are very common feelings to have after a breakup, so rather than let them sit and simmer within you, release them in a healthy and controlled environment and keep your body fit at the same time.

6 Don’t Beat Yourself up

And while you are beating up the punch bag, remember to be kind to yourself. Emotional health is just as fragile and important as physical health, especially during a bad breakup, so don’t waste time blaming yourself for what has happened. Treat yourself to some of your favorite things like a good old binge watch or even a spot of retail therapy. You deserve to be happy even when times are tough.

7 Give Yourself Time

Breakups, especially breakups of a long-term relationship, can be really tough and take some time to get over. You need to respect your emotional health and give yourself time to regroup instead of immediately trying to get back out there in order to get over it. The heart takes time to heal, and you aren’t going to do your health any good if you push yourself to do things before you are ready.

Focusing on your health and well being will help you get over your breakup quicker than wallowing around in misery and self pity. And that’s a good thing – right?

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