20 Helpful Ways to Get over a Cold Quickly ...


20 Helpful Ways to Get over a Cold  Quickly  ...
20 Helpful Ways to Get over a Cold  Quickly  ...

Are you looking for ways to get over a cold quickly? Nobody likes having a cold. It’s probably hard to concentrate on this article with your head all stuffy. So, let’s cut right to the chase. Here are twenty ways to get over a cold quickly.

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Stay Hydrated

Your body is releasing electrolytes and sweat at a much faster rate. It’s extremely important that you are drinking water, chicken broth, and drinks with electrolytes regularly. This might be one of the most important ways to get over a cold quickly.


Lots of Sleep

When you have a cold, your body needs a lot more sleep. Get in all of the extra sleep you can.


Cough Drops

Cough drops help you to suppress your cough. They come in multiple flavors like honey, cherry, and eucalyptus. Be sure not to be lying back so that you don’t choke.


Chicken Broth

Chicken broth has properties in it that help break up a cold. Have a bowl or two a day of only chicken broth.


Chew Raw Garlic

Be sure you buy organic garlic that is from the United States. You can buy it already chopped in a jar or buy raw cloves and dice them into tiny pieces yourself. Eat a pinch of raw garlic twice a day. The allicin in the garlic helps break up a cold.


Gently Blow Your Nose

If you blow your nose hard you can actually cause yourself an ear infection.


Gargle with Salt Water

Warm up some water in the microwave and sprinkle in lots of salt. Gargle the salt water and then spit it out in the sink. The warm salt water helps to break up the germs in your throat, helping alleviate pain from a sore throat.


Wipe down Your House

Grab some Clorox wipes and wipe down your house where germs would be festering. The knobs on your laundry machine, all of the doorknobs, the handle of the refrigerator, faucets, the microwave handle, and the flusher on the toilet should all be wiped down.


Take a Steamy Shower or Go to a Sauna

Sauna is a Finnish word and saunas were invented in Finland. When Finns get a cold they go to the sauna. The steam is a great way to break up your cold. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil if you need. Always be sure to drink a glass of water after the sauna or a steamy shower. Do not stay in there too long. Ten minutes is plenty.


Apply Cold and Hot Packs

If you don’t have these, frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel will do. Your body will tell you if it wants a cold or hot press.


Sleep with an Extra Pillow under Your Head

This helps prevent all of those nasty boogers from running backward.


Do Not Fly

Unless you are flying home from a vacation that didn’t go well due to having a cold, simply do not fly. First of all, it’s selfish to the other people on the airplane, some of whom could have suppressed or fragile immune systems such as babies and young children, and second because the very dry air in the airplane is going to be very problematic for you. If you are flying home from a vacation or business trip be sure to carry a lot of fluid. Carry a large water bottle you can fill up, and buy some drinks with electrolytes in them from a restaurant or convenience store inside of the airport after you get through security.


Make the Perfect Cold Busting Drink

You’ll need 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbs of raw, local honey (it is very important you buy honey that is local to your area, raw, and organic), a dash of lemon juice, and a little hot water. Drink it three to four times a day.


This zesty tonic is hailed for its potential to ease congestion and boost your immune system. Apple cider vinegar has natural antibacterial properties, while raw honey is acclaimed for its soothing qualities on a sore throat. The addition of lemon juice not only brightens the flavor but adds a hit of vitamin C, which is key when you're feeling under the weather. Just combine these ingredients with hot water, creating a comforting beverage that can help you cozy up and recover. Remember to keep snug and rest while your body heals.


Make the Perfect Tea

Enjoy two to three cups of ginger tea a day. Freshly grate 2 tsp of ginger root in hot water. That’s it!


Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

To be more precise, eat fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and D. Kiwi, oranges, bananas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are all good to help you get over your cold more quickly. Also, add some mushrooms. Did you know fungi contains vitamin D?


No Sugar

Sugar weakens your immune system. However, the natural sugar in oranges and bananas, which are good to eat for their vitamin C, are great for a cold. But avoid things high in added sugar. Now, is not the time for cake.


Eat Healthy and Light

You probably won’t have much of an appetite anyway. Now is probably not the best time for that leftover lasagna.


Check out Essential Oils

Check out essential oils and how much to have of each. Each essential oil deals with something different, such as getting rid of that cough. Lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, frankincense oil, oregano oil, and/or lavender oil are all recommended unless you have an allergy to any of these.


Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

Microbes are already all over our bodies. Yes, teeny tiny creatures live all over our skin. Some are good and some are bad, so please keep your hands away from your face.


Wash Your Hands Regularly

Always wash your hands.

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