Genius Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season ...


Genius Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season ...
Genius Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick This Cold and Flu Season ...

It’s that time of year again. Cold and flu season. That's why you need to know how to avoid getting sick in cold and flu season.

When all of your coworkers are coming in with runny noses and watery eyes, how d you avoid succumbing to the seemingly inevitable? We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you out. Here's how to avoid getting sick in cold and flu season.

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Flu Shots

A flu shot is one of the best answers for how to avoid getting sick in cold and flu season. While flu shots won’t protect you from every sickness that’s out there this winter, they’re a great way to immunize against some of the major ones. Keep you and your loved ones safe this cold and flu season by getting your flu shot. There are even nasal sprays for those of us that aren’t so big on needles.


Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is a great way to build and ready your immune system for the onslaught of germs and illness. There are a ton of different options to take it in - a vitamin, a gummy, or a drink. Find what works best for you and take the proper dosage daily.


Wash Your Hands

There are so many germs being spread on every surface that we touch. It becomes especially important during cold and flu season to be washing our hands regularly and being mindful of the germs we might be exposing ourselves to.


Keeping Things Clean

In addition to keeping your hands clean, it’s a good idea to try and keep your surroundings clean. Disinfecting the counter instead of just wiping it down. Cleaning your phone from time to time. This cold and flu season make Clorox wipes your new BFF. It will do so much to keep you healthy and safe this winter.


Avoid Touching Eyes, Ears, and Mouth

You may not think this is much of a problem for you. But I promise you that if you thought about how many times you do this in a day, you would be amazed. Despite your best efforts, your hands are a huge source of germs and thus illness. Try to avoid letting them near your face in general.


Limit Your Time with Loved Ones Who Are Ill

Exposing yourself to their germs isn’t doing either of you any favors. Limit your interaction with people that you know are suffering from colds or the flu. When you are around them, be careful to limit physical interactions and disinfect surfaces and objects that you may be sharing.


Try to Avoid Large Gatherings

In an ideal world, everyone who was contagious would just stay at home until they felt one hundred percent better. The reality is though, that someone with a cold isn’t going to miss work, take sick days, or stop grocery shopping. So while it’s impractical to avoid all crowds, it is best to skip the ones that you can. When reasonable, it’s best to avoid being around a lot of people all at once, as large crowds dramatically increase your risk of contracting an illness.

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