7 Healthy Habits All Single Women Should Adopt into Their Lifestyle ...


Ladies, listen up there are a few things you can do every day to better your health and your life. Getting up earlier, getting plenty of sleep, drinking water and exercising daily are just a few of the habits every single woman should adopt. And if you read on I promise to share a few more. If you make this part of your life you will feel better, have more energy and you may even lose some weight in the process. So ladies listen up because I am your certified trainer and life coach here to help you:

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Rise and Shine Early

Get up earlier and get in your best shape every day. One of the best healthy habits that the earlier you establish the better is exercising early. Finding time for your fitness nice and early will be the best way to get your fit session in. It is rare to be too busy at the crack of dawn so get into an early morning routine.


Drink Water Throughout the Day

Stay hydrated to better your skin, your digestive track and boost your metabolism by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily. If you find plain water to be way too boring, add a splash of lemon to perk up the flavor!


Preplan Your Meals

If you plan your meals in advance you will stock your pantry and refrigerator accordingly and this will make your week less stressed. Ladies to be healthy without a plan it is almost impossible so plan for the health success you deserve!


Remove the Hot Buttons from Home

If you know that you absolutely love potato chips, why in the world would you stock your home with this? You are only tempting yourself to come to failure. Get rid of the hot buttons and stock your home with foods that nourish your body. Love your body and it will love you right back with great results!


Get Your Workout in Daily

Get your workout in every day and you will be less stress, better your health markers, feel better and have loads more energy. I could not do a fraction of what I do each day if I did not work out so take it from me and find time for your fitness each day.


Surround Yourself with a Supportive Network

Friends and family around you all continue to high five you as you pursue the betterment of your health each day. Ladies, this network of support will only help you to continue to stay on track to super fit success. And the bonus is that you may motivate your friends to do the same!


Exercise during Your Cycle

It is that time of the month and all you can think of is chocolate, jelly donuts and every other non- diet food on the planet. And exercise is the absolute last thing you can imagine doing right now. Think again! Exercising during your time of the month will lesson your cramps, speed up your cycle and even lessen mood swings. So get up, skip the chocolate and get your workout on!

I hope these tips helped you to adopt healthy habits to better your life! Now put on that lip gloss and smile because you are amazing!

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KISS: Keep It Simple Sister! Thanks, Tara👍

Totally agree with everything and this article is great, but why does the title say for "single" women? I am married and do all this stuff to stay in shape and be healthy....any woman- single or taken can follow these steps to health and wellness.


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