21 Super Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself ...


21 Super Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself ...
21 Super Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself ...

Taking care of others before you take care of yourself is something that a lot of people, especially women, do on a regular basis! We all have a huge capacity for love and care, but the one thing we sometimes forget is that in order to care for others in the best way, we need to care for ourselves first! Here are some super easy ways to take better care of yourself.

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Take a Yoga Class. Most People Don’t Realise How Beneficial Yoga Can Be until They Try It for Themselves. Trust Me, It Might Just Change Your Life!

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Have a Go at Meditation. This Doesn’t Have to Be Anything Religiously Motivated, Just Some Quite Time to Yourself to Enjoy Some Mental Silence, Blocking out All the Stresses and Noises of the Day

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Remember to Take Deeps Breaths in and out as Often as You Can. the Breaths Help to Lower Cortisol Levels Which in Turn Reduce Feelings of Stress

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Treat Yourself to a Few Beautiful Scented Candles to Dot around Your Living Space. They Help to Not Only Make Things Feel More Homely, but They Also Engage Your Sense of Smell in a Therapeutic Way

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Use Music as a Form of Therapy for Your Soul. Put Together a Few Different Playlists for Different Moods and Use Them to Reduce Your Stress at Different Times

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Do You Best to Get Regular Exercise, Because the Endorphins That Are Released during a Good Work out Can Make You Feel One Hundred Times Better than Being Sedentary

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Have Sex! Studies Have Shown That Physical Intimacy and Orgasm and Some of the Most Effective Ways to Reduce Stress in Both Mind and Body

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Find a Friend and Give Them a Great Big Hug. We Don’t Hug Our Loved Ones as Much as We Should and Yet It Can Lower Stress and Reduce Blood Pressure!

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Journal Your Feelings and Thoughts on a Daily Basis. It Can Be Really Rewarding and Therapeutic to do so, Even if You Don’t Ever Show Anyone the Journal

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Try Your Hand at One of Those Adult Colouring Books That Seem to Be All the Rage These Days. It is Super Therapeutic and Gives You Mind a Chance to Focus on Something Fun and Relaxing

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Treat Yourself to Some Takeout Food Every Now and then. Self Care Doesn’t Always Have to Be the Peak of Healthiness!

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Make Sure That You Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance for Getting Good Sleep Every Night. Get Away from Phones, Laptops, and Devices in the Hour before Bed

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Get into the Habit of Chewing Gum! It Has Been Proven to Be Able to Lower Your Cortisol Levels

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Drink More Black Tea, and It Has Been Proven to Lead to Feelings of Relaxation and Can Also Lower Cortisol Levels

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Make Berries One of Your Go to Snacks during the Day. They Can Boost Brain Health

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Indulge in a Little Escapism by Settling down with a Great Book! There is Nothing like Getting Lost in a Fictional World for an Hour

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Try to Find Things That Are Going to Make You Laugh Every Single Day. There is Some Truth to It Being Labelled as the Greatest Form of Medicine!

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Take Some Time to Organise and Declutter Your Living Space, a Clear Home and Environment Equals a Clear Mind!

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Take a Break from Your Phone and from Social Media. the Constant Bombardment of News and Updates Can Sometimes Be Completely Overwhelming

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Get out of the House and out of Your Routine by Taking a Trip Somewhere. It Could Be Solo or with a Friend or Loved One ... It’s up to You!



Treat Yourself to a Massage. It Isn’t until Someone Starts Touching You That You Realise Just How Tense Your Body Has Been!

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