12 Acts of Self Care πŸ™ You Can do πŸ‘Œ in 5 Minutes ⏱ or Less ...

When people talk about self-care, some of the stuff that you hear about the most is big scale actions like huge lifestyle changes, travel, lots of time off of work ... generally, things that take a little bit of fore-planning and can’t be done at the drop of a hat. The whole point of self care though, in my opinion, is doing things that can help to start making you feel better in a really short space of time, not waiting until you have enough money or enough time to β€˜do it big’. Here are twelve acts of self-care you can do in five minutes or less.

1. Breathe

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It’s something that you are doing all the time, but not something that you are concentrating on! Take a minute to shut your eyes and really focus on your breathing, taking nice deeps breaths to reduce your heart rate and relax your muscles.

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