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7 Nice Things to do for Yourself when You Are Sick ...

By Alicia

When you are sick, you deserve a little extra pampering. It is true that when you treat your body well, you recover faster. Not only should you take good care of yourself, but being extra nice to yourself when you are sick is a good choice. It helps being sick be not quite so bad.

1 Rest

This sounds so simple but some of us, myself included, have a real struggle with this. For me, resting is a huge treat. I tend to go at full speed constantly. While I hate being sick, I do enjoy allowing myself some time to just read and relax or rest in some other way. It also helps you recover faster when you are sick.

2 Watch Television

A lot of us are busy women. We may be balancing the demands of school, a job, a boyfriend or husband and children. Watching television is a luxury few of us take the time for on a regular basis. This is especially true of shows you don’t normally make a priority to see. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy watching television when you are sick. It is also another way to get some rest.

3 Let the Chores Go

Let the chores go when you are sick. No one wants to be cleaning the dust bunnies when they are already sneezing. Trust me; those chores will be there when you get well. Don’t add the stress of trying to keep a perfect home when you have an illness. Focus on yourself instead.

4 Do a Little Online Shopping

I figure that being sick is the perfect time to do some online shopping. You are already lying around, right? You might as well make good use of that time. It can feel like you are accomplishing something rather than doing nothing. A bonus is that it is fun, too.

5 Play Favorites

It is time to play favorites when you are sick. Allow yourself to eat what sounds good. Of course you want to make sure you are getting good nutrition, too. But there is no harm in a scoop of ice cream or a serving of chips if that is what you are craving. Our taste buds can be fickle when we are sick so it is nice to pay attention to what will taste good.

6 Wear Your PJs

Wearing your PJs is the ultimate way to be nice to yourself when you are sick. There is nothing like your favorite pair of comfy PJs to help you feel better. This also is a nonverbal way to let everyone know that you are feeling badly. Hopefully, they will take that hint and expect a little less from you. If you are really lucky, they may even spread a little sympathy your way.

7 Do Something Fun

Maybe you enjoy knitting or crossword puzzles. When you are sick, let yourself enjoy those hobbies without feeling badly for not doing something more productive. Yes, there are a lot of demands for your time, but you can get to those when you are feeling better. Do those little things that you enjoy. It can help make being sick not quite so bad.

These are some nice things you can do for yourself when you are sick. What do you do for yourself when you are feeling badly? I look forward to reading your responses!

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