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Stress Triggers in Your Home ...

By Deeceebee

In an ideal world, your home should be the place to where you can retreat for rest and relaxation, for an escape from the stress and anxiety of the wider world. However, things aren’t always that simple! Even if you think that your home environment is the best place for unwinding, there might be lots of secret and hidden factors contributing to your mood that you haven’t even considered before. Here are a whole bunch of stress triggers in your home.

Table of contents:

  1. Memories
  2. Wrong mood
  3. No textures
  4. Bedside cell phone
  5. Outside noise

1 Memories

Your house might be filled with objects, pictures, and mementos that subconsciously remind you of more upsetting and stressful times in your past, and these memories can lead to a sense of anxiety that you can’t quite put your finger on. For example, if there is a wedding picture of your parents on the wall, but they just recently went through a bad divorce, it could be causing bad vibes whenever you see it!

2 Wrong Mood

Maybe you have set the wrong mood in your home by going for a design that was on trend rather than one that you actually like. For example, maybe you followed the minimalist way of thinking to be contemporary, but the truth is that you prefer a warmer, more comfortable environment. A colder design might be making you feel anxious.

3 No Textures

Everything that you have bought for your place is kind of samey in both colour and in material, and this lack of texture might be adding to your negative feelings. If you have hard floors and bare walls, there is a risk of your home feeling more like a prison cell than a comfortable pad!

4 Bedside Cell Phone

It’s the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning, so perhaps your phone and all of the things that it has the potential to tell you is the thing that is causing you unwarranted stress. It's a good idea to keep your bedroom as a tech and social media free zone.

5 Outside Noise

If you live in a built-up urban area, you have probably gotten used to all of the noise outside your window, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect you. The business of streets below you or outside your door can lead to a busier mind, and you might not ever be getting the kind of rest and relaxation that you really need.

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