20 Awesome Ways to Ease Holiday Season Stress Are Right Here ...


20 Awesome Ways to Ease Holiday Season Stress Are Right Here ...
20 Awesome Ways to Ease Holiday Season Stress Are Right Here ...

The TV and the movies tell show us that Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic and wonder and family fun, so why does it always feel like the most stressful time of the year in your mind!? There is no doubting that the amount of pressure we put on ourselves during the festive period is too much for any person to take, but it doesn’t always have to be this way! Here are twenty **ways to ease holiday stress. **

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Take Breaks. There is No Rule in the Book to Say That You Need to do Everything Single Christmas Related Task One after the Other. It’s All about Pacing Yourself!


Stick to a Steady and Manageable Routine. the Earlier Your Start, the More Spread out You Can Make Your Tasks


Don’t Overschedule. It’s Tempting to Pack Your Diary Full of Fun Christmas Activities, but the More Tired You Get, the More You Fall behind with Prep


Listen to Music, Not Just Christmas Music, but All Music! when You Are Grooving to Your Favourite Songs, a Long List of Tasks Doesn’t Feel like Such a Chore


Don’t Bother with Traditions That You Actually Hate. Life is Too Short to Put Yourself through the Same Boring Things Every Year!


Spend More Time with the People That You Love and Less Time with the People That You Don’t. Tense Interactions with Obligated Family Members Are the Worst


Make Sure to Find Some Time for at Least a Little Bit of Exercise. It Helps to Keep Your Mood and Energy up as Well as Your Body in Shape


By All Means Enjoy Lots of the Festive Indulgent Treats, but Make the Effort to Balance Those out with a Generally Healthy Diet Throughout the Holidays


Put Your Phone down and Try to Be Present in Your Own Seasonal Setting. Looking at Everyone else’s Instagram Just Forces You to Play a Negative Comparison Game


Learn a Couple of Calming Techniques in the Run up the Business End of the Month. Little Things like Pressure Point Activation and Mindfulness to Help Ease Your Mood and Tension Headaches


Follow the ‘fun over Done’ Rule, Which Means Enjoying the Process of Getting Ready for Christmas Rather than Stressing about Getting Everything Done as Quickly as Possible


Try Not to Be Too Pessimistic and Dramatic if Something Goes Wrong. if the Cat Pulls the Tree down, It’s Not the End of the World. You Just Have to Find a Way to Be More Creative!


Seek out Foods That Are Known for Their Stress Reducing Qualities like Oatmeal, Almonds, and Lentils. They Are All Super High in Antioxidants


Have Sex! It’s One of the Greatest Stress Relievers There is, so Make Sure That Your Partner Does Their Job!


Get out in the Winter Scenery and Have a Nice Long Walk, Maybe with a Podcast or Two Entertaining Your from Your Headphones


Be Generous Not Just with Your Money but with Your Time. Doing Good Deeds for Others Has Been Proven to Lower Your Blood Pressure


Don’t Be Afraid to Say No to Invitations and Plans That You Think Are Going to Push You over the Edge. It’s All about Knowing How Much Interaction You Can Handle


It Sounds Weird, but Sniff a Lemon! Apparently It Can Have the Same Temporary Effect of Taking a Xanax!


Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask for Help. It’s Not Doing It All on Your Own That Matters, It is Making Sure Everything Gets Done in Time!


When It All Starts to Feel a Bit Too Much, Just Get out of the House and Give Yourself a Change of Surroundings for a Little Bit

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