5 Awesome 😎 Ways to Kick 👊 Anxiety 😰 Now ⏰ ...

Anxiety is something we all have. If we didn't, then we wouldn't know what was safe or not. Fight or flight mode wouldn't exist and it would be a very dangerous existence. With some of us, we have this in extreme amounts, debilitating amounts, life-altering amounts. It F*CKING sucks.
I have a lot to say but I will share more of that later on.

Here are my top 5 quick tips I use daily for when I am in what I call " Pre-Panic Attack" State. I hope you might find even one beneficial if you do have extreme anxiety.
These might be helpful tips short term or even long term.

1. B R E a T H E | D E E P B R E a T H I N G

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How many times have you heard this? A LOT, why? Well because it REALLY works.
We know the drill: deeply breathe in through our nose from the stomach (mouth closed), hold and slowly release. Repeat. There are lots of methods of deep breathing, I specifically use the square technique. What I do is close my eyes if I am able to (depends if I am in public walking or driving) and envision a square, start at a corner and breathe in through your nose until you have reached the next corner of the square you are visualizing, hold for 5 or so seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth until the next corner is there. Repeat until you've finished going around the square as many times as you need. Deep breathing is so helpful and no one even knows when you are doing it so it can be done anytime, anywhere.

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