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My Sanity Practice ...

By Estelle

Many of us hold a lot of our emotions inside until it explodes. We have a mental breakdown or we unleash a hurricane of mean words to someone around us. Here is the thing as human, we all need a mental release, a place , practice, moment that allows us to put our brains on pause and to just be. For some people going to church provides that mental release, for others it is actually a weekly appointment at the therapist office. Whatever activity you engage in consciously with the intention of releasing tension, anxiety and old emotions, it necessary for your mental sanity and mental clarity. This can help ease anxiety and relieve depression to allow you to stay above water and continue to fight for your peace.

I have suffered from anxiety for over ten years now. Two years ago I was diagnosed with major Depression as well. At the time i was a Psychiatric nurse myself. What i learned from being a nurse in that setting and being a Mental health patient is that routines keep us sane. Having a set routine for some can seem boring but for a good mental health it can make a big difference. We are not all religious or do not have the time to practice as much as we would love to but we always have the option of creating a safe haven for ourselves. We also have a sort of responsibility to ourselves to set aside time to give thanks for our blessings , to ask for what we need and to simply commune with the Higher power(s). Creating a spiritual practice or following one can enhance our emotional well-being.

My routine starts around 7pm every day. I play some Gospel music, light some sage or incense of choice, i roll my yoga mat out and i do some yoga. Sometimes after yoga i do a Tarot card reading as well. I then run a warm bath for myself and soak in for at least 10 minutes. During bath time, i say my affirmations, I say my Thank yous, I visualise what i want next and as the water flows down the drain, i release all control and relax. I always watch something funny before bed.

This routine, I have found keeps me sane. I get to release all my worries in my bath water. Yoga provides me a slow down space. A moment where all i have to do is stretch and release. No thinking, just movements. Yoga always boosts my self love.
Here are a few daily things we can do to create this sanity space.

1 Walking in the Grass

2 Going for a Swim


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3 Painting

4 A Guided Meditation

5 Doing Yoga

6 Having a Karaoke Concert of All Your Jams

7 Soaking in a Bath

Anything you do that helps you relax, that helps you release tension and anxiety by yourself for yourself is a mental release activity. That is your sanity routine.

What do you do to keep sane? How often do you do it?

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