5 Best Self Care Tricks for Women ...


5 Best Self Care Tricks for Women ...
5 Best Self Care Tricks for Women ...

Women are traditionally asked to always be doing more both professionally and in the home which makes self-care all the more important for them. There are many different ideas on what self-care looks like for different people. It can be very easy to get so lost in research that there is no time to actually implement any of the ideas so here is a simplified list of the best self-care tricks for women. No matter your life circumstances there are self-care tricks that you can put into practice right now.

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Sleep Routines

We all know that we feel more energized when we are able to get a good night's sleep but too often we do not know how to get that much needed sleep. A sleep routine does not have to be complex. For example, you could turn off all screens, fix yourself a cup of tea, and spray your pillow with lavender essential oil  and write a short to-do list for the next day so you do not stress about remembering as you try to sleep. These are all ways to find that deep sleep that you are searching for. A good night's sleep is the best self-care available.



Scent is a powerful sense that can impact our mood and how we physically feel. There are many ways to incorporate scent into day to day life. For example, you might burn candles or incense, wear your favorite perfume  or use essential oils to lift your mood. If you have more time and energy you might consider baking something sweet-smelling to bring yourself peace. Taking advantage of the power of our noses is an easy path to self-care for women.



Being able to put what is in our heads down on paper has been shown to positively affect our mental health. Journaling is a way to process the thoughts and feelings we are struggling with. Journaling is a form of therapy that anyone can afford, and only needs a piece of paper and something to write with. It is amazing what answers we find we already know when we spend some time freewriting about a challenge in our lives. Realizing that we have the answers we are seeking is a great form of self-care.



When we are super busy taking the time for physical activity can seem like something that is not important. In truth physical activity turns out to be a great way to practice self-care. The movement could look like going for a run, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing a free yoga class online. Even if you are working from home in a tiny apartment there are many ways to incorporate movement and become both physically and mentally stronger. Movement can be as simple as standing up and walking to the next room or doing a few simple stretches.



A great self-care practice is to understand that we are not alone in our struggles and that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. For some, this connection will come from some type of traditional spiritual or religious practice. For some this connection will come from connecting with like-minded individuals in a Facebook or other online group. For some, this connection will look like calling up a close friend or family member and being able to simply discuss everything that is happening in our lives. It doesn't matter what spirituality/connection looks like for an individual as long as it is meaningful for them.

Self-care does not have to be super complicated or complex. There are ways that every woman can incorporate more self-care into their day to day lives. By taking the time to put themselves first they will have the energy and creativity to support others. All women should make sure they prioritize their own self-care because if they do not who will. To create a sleep routine, use the power of scent, journal, move and connect. These simple actions will mean that you can be your best self and confidently go forth into whatever you might be facing in your personal or professional life.

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