9 Positive Health Benefits of Massage Therapy ...


9 Positive Health Benefits  of Massage Therapy ...
9 Positive Health Benefits  of Massage Therapy ...

Do you have tight knots, stress, or are you looking for a way to relax? Then you need an intro to the health benefits of massage therapy. It can help heal and bring continued support throughout your body with results you can feel.

According to the Mayo Clinic, massages are “increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations”.

Keep on reading for more information on different types of massages and what the health benefits of massage therapy are.

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Increased Flexibility

Massage can increase joint flexibility, create an increased range of motion, and aid in the release of tension. Those with injuries or those who want to live an active lifestyle will both benefit from massage therapy. In fact, one of the best health benefits of massage therapy is how it makes life so much better.


Mental Wellness

Massage therapy can be beneficial for decreasing depression and anxiety. Routine massages lead to improved sleep, which is great for your overall health. Massages are also shown to improve energy levels, giving you more of a boost for your daily routine.



The Mayo Clinic explains that massages help with those who are suffering from “sports injuries, soft tissue strains or injuries, and joint temporomandibular joint pain”. There is a specific type of massage for athletes to help prevent injury and aid in muscle recovery. Deep tissue massages and trigger point


Chronic Conditions and Diseases

Massages have also been shown to help those with arthritis and many other chronic diseases.

The director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Tiffany Field Ph.D. reported, “with moderate pressure, we saw results for almost every condition we studied.” Studies have also shown that those who have fibromyalgia can also benefit from massages.


The Effects of Aging

Massage therapy can address complications with growing older by “increasing circulation, reducing scar tissue, and promoting tissue regeneration”. For those growing old and finding it more challenging to move, massage therapy can address these needs.


Sinus Relief

With so much pressure in their head, sinus suffers could use massage therapy to reduce their symptoms. Life Hack reports, “since the conditions could last months at a time, massage therapy could be a better and more natural way to deal with the symptoms caused by sinus pressure and nasal congestion”. A facial massage can also “help drain away tension and fluid from your face,” InStyle says.


Cortisol Levels

One of the greatest impacts massages has on individuals is decreased levels of cortisol. Cortisol results from your body being in a stressed state and can be very bad for you and can even lead to inflammation and aggression. Massage therapy can help bring your body back to its natural state.


Facial Treatments

InStyle reports facial massages “include an immediate release in blood and oxygen flow, which in the long term increases collagen production, and therefore a youthful glow”.

You can check with your local massage company for facial packages they offer that can help you look fresher and younger.


Natural Chemicals

Massages can release the body’s natural endorphins, which boosts mood and works as a natural pain reliever. Massages “increase the available levels of these natural chemicals and can promote healing, reduce swelling and speed recovery,” Massage Central says. By getting massages, the body has a way to naturally heal, allowing you to feel better and be more active.

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