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17 Super Cool Ways to Make Drinking Water Much More Fun ...

By Heather

I hate drinking water. There. I said it. There are ways that you can make drinking water suck less though. So, if you are anything like me, give some of these things a try!

1 Invest in a Water Bottle You Actually like

Invest in a Water Bottle You Actually likeSeriously, it makes all the difference in the world!

2 Set Goals for Yourself

Set Goals for YourselfI did this and everyday, it's like a challenge to finish up my water by the end of the day!


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3 Infuse Your Water with Fruit

Infuse Your Water with FruitYou've probably seen all kinds of people cutting up fruit and infusing their water -- IT WORKS! It has made me drink so, so much more water.

4 ...or Herbs

...or HerbsIf you aren't a fruit fan, herbs are good too.

5 … or Veggies

… or VeggiesIf herbs are too weird, try some veggies!

6 A Straw Can Help Make It Fun!

A Straw Can Help Make It Fun!Seriously, sometimes a straw can make everything better!

7 Compete with Your Co-workers

Compete with Your Co-workersSo, you can actually challenge your co-workers to see who can finish up their water the fastest. This helps me so much!

8 Eat Your Water

Eat Your WaterWatermelon, cucumbers, they are about 90% water -- why not eat your water instead of drinking it?

9 Cut Your Water with Juice

Cut Your Water with JuiceYES! Like you did when you were a kid -- it tastes awesome!

10 Tea Anyone?

Tea Anyone?If you don't want just straight water, try coffee or try, no sugar!

11 Mark Your Water Intake via an App

Mark Your Water Intake via an AppThis is another awesome idea, drink some water and mark it off so you can see how much you are actually consuming.

12 Reward Yourself after You Drink Water

Reward Yourself after You Drink WaterIf you happen to drink your entire bottle? Reward yourself with a small, small treat.

13 Prep Your Water the Night before

Prep Your Water the Night beforeIf your are constantly rushing around in the morning, prep your water the night before!

14 Popsicle Anyone?

Popsicle Anyone?In the summer, this is ideal!

15 Keep Water by Your Nightstand

Keep Water by Your NightstandAre you constantly reaching for a drink in the middle of the night? Keep water there!

16 Chug, Chug, Chug

Chug, Chug, ChugI do this all the time, just chug and chug to get it over with!

17 Invest in a Great Water Filter

Invest in a Great Water FilterYou definitely need to make sure that you have a great filter so that you can stop buying bottled water.

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