9 Practical Ways to Drink More Water ...


9 Practical Ways to Drink More Water ...
9 Practical Ways to Drink More Water ...

If there is one health rule that we all should know by now, it is to drink as much water as you possibly can every single day! The majority of us aren’t as hydrated as we should be on a regular basis for a variety of reasons: some people just forget to drink; some people say they don’t like the taste of water on its own; and some people just need to be made aware of all of the kinds of ways that you can add more water to your life. Here are nine practical ways to drink more water!

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Add Fruit

Infusing water with fruit flavours is an easy way to make it more appealing, especially if you are one of those people who doesn’t like the taste of water on its own. Some of the best infusions are lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit.


Fresh Mint

Another way to add nice flavour to water is by throwing a mint leaf in each section of an ice cube tray and making delicious ice cubes that you can add to your drink to give it a refreshing and cold boost.



Treat a helping of water as an appetizer before meals. Start drinking about 8 to 16 ounces of water half an hour before you are set to sit down to eat, and it will do the double job of hydrating you and restricting your appetite so that you don’t binge as much as dinner.


Only Order Water

When you are out at a restaurant, make the commitment to only order water for the table. We naturally take more sips of drinks when we are out and about, being social, so if water is the only option, you will obviously take more in!



Download one of the many apps that are available for smartphones that turn keeping hydrated in some sort of fun game. You can measure your glasses per day and do things like earn badges for meeting targets.


Essential Oils

Add flavour and get even more health benefits by adding your favourite essential oils to your water. Again, grapefruit is a great choice, but you can also opt for things like peppermint and lemon.


Water Bottle

Purchase a reusable water bottle that you can get in the habit of carrying around with you all the time. The immediate proximity will automatically increase your intake.


Cold Water

Try to make sure that you have cold water available to you rather than room temp. Cold water is so much more pleasing to the taste buds, and you will be more tempted to drink a larger amount.


Spicy Food

Not only does eating spicy food increase your metabolism, but it also increases the body’s desire for water, and you will find yourself sipping more and more after a few bites of chilli!

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