7 Reasons to Book a Trip to the Doctors ...


7 Reasons to Book a Trip to the Doctors ...
7 Reasons to Book a Trip to the Doctors ...

Many ladies are reluctant to book a trip to the doctors - to me this seems crazy. In the words of Baz Luhrmann, your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own - you really should look after it. Sometimes small bodily problems can snowball into life changing problems. Rather than avoiding any health issues you may have, walk into the doctors with your held high, being brave enough to confront your body worries. Here are 7 reasons to book a trip to the doctors.

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You Are Worried

The number one reason to make a trip to the doctors is because you are worried about something. No matter how trivial you may think your health problems are, get some peace of mind and have a professional check you out. Often small niggles can be the sign of some greater problem, so be reassured that you are healthy by getting a health MOT.


Google Isn’t Always Right

You don’t have to be a hypochondriac to Google your health symptoms on the Internet and come to the conclusion you have a life threatening disease. Online forums and advice are great for self-diagnosis but the Internet is not always correct. You should not use Google as a substitute for seeking sound advice from someone who has spent years training to be a doctor. Besides, often the best treatments and medicines can only be prescribed by a registered doctor.


To Have Your Smear Test

Although advice in different countries varies, the bottom line is that women in their 20s should consider getting a Smear test to check for cancer of the cervix. Although not the most pleasant experience, these test are vital for detecting abnormal cells and treating them before they mutate into a problem. I must add that although a little uncomfortable, the test normally takes a matter of minutes, so there is no need to worry about having this done.


Check for STIs

For anyone who is sexually active it is important to get checked for sexually transmitted infections. Often STIs have no symptoms and can go undetected, which is why these check-ups are so essential. Especially if you meet a new partner, you will want to make sure you are both safe before starting a new sexual relationship.


Persistent Pain

Sometimes we ignore on-going pains such as joint pain or back problems. Any pain that is persistent and does not go away with time is a sign that you need to visit the doctor. There are normally always things you can do to reduce or prevent on-going pain, so it is worth seeing if there are any ailments to your problems. Don’t wait for them to get worse.


Mental Health

Many of us are embarrassed or scared to seek guidance and help with mental health issues. However, mental health problems can be just as debilitating as physical barriers. Rather than letting these problems hang over you like a grey cloud, take courage and seek professional advice - you are not alone and there is most likely a lot of help if you just reach out for it.


Contraceptive Advice

Every woman should be proactive about seeking contraceptive advice from their doctor. There are so many different forms to choose from: the pill, condoms, the coil, implants or injections. Even if you simply choose to abstain from sexual relations it is important to know all the facts before you make choices further down the line.

Every woman is responsible for looking after her own health and seeking advice and help when necessary. Do not be fooled into thinking that ignoring a problem will make it go away. Often small health issues can be the body's way of showing us there is a greater problem. You may be tempted to put off a trip to the doctors because of the financial costs but this is false economy; it is much smarter to solve small niggles rather than wait until you can no longer cope. Have you recently been to see the doctors for any of these reasons?

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Love this more people men and women need to go have a check up. Listen to your body it's usually telling you when something is wrong please do not ignore your inner feeling otherwise known as your gut feeling that something is not right. Here's to staying HEALTY !!!

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