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7 Most Convincing Reasons to Give up Smoking ...

By Neecey

It’s quite incredible to non-smokers why anyone would need actual reasons to give up smoking – most of us wonder why they start smoking in the first place. But let’s be fair, it’s far easier to start than it is to stop, and only smokers themselves know how very real a battle it is to quit. Plenty of reformed smokers can attest to that fact too. However, whatever pains and aggravations you have to put yourself through, these reasons to give up smoking make it all worth it.

1 Reduce the Risk of Cancer

If this isn’t one of the top reasons to give up smoking then I don’t know what is. It isn’t only lung cancer that you’re putting yourself at risk of by puffing away. Smoking cigarettes is also linked to other cancers, such as mouth, throat, kidney, tongue and even bladder. Why put yourself through months or even years of painful treatment for the sake of 5 minutes with a cigarette?

2 Save Some Cash

The price of cigarettes is steep, around $5 to $10 per pack. If you’re smoking a pack a day, then you’re going to be spending a fortune over the course of a month. Everyone I know who has successfully given up smoking has had a purse full of cash and no idea what to do with it. One friend decided to treat herself to a fancy gym membership in a bid to get her body in shape and reward herself for giving up.

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3 Don’t Poison Your Friends and Family with Secondhand Smoke

If you can’t think of any reasons to give up smoking for your own benefit, then think of your friends and family. When you smoke you don’t only increase your risk of cancer but you also increase theirs – they become what is known as passive smokers. Secondhand smoke causes around 3,000 non-smokers to die of lung cancer every year. Hardly seems fair, does it? The ones you smoke around are also at an increased risk of asthma and bronchitis, especially if they live with you.

4 No More Odor

When you are a smoker you can’t smell the awful scent yourself. But everyone else can. Wherever you smoke, the smell will linger. It will be in the fibers of your coat, your carpets, your car seats, everywhere. Of course you could try and mask the smell behind scented candles, but cigarette smoke is one of the strongest and most pervasive aromas around.

5 Yellow Teeth

Have you been hiding your smile because your teeth are yellow and stained? Or have you been shelling out a fortune on teeth whitening kits? If so, then this is the one of the reasons to quit smoking that should make you sit up and take notice. In just a week after quitting smoking the yellowish tint will fade considerably with teeth brushing. You’ll be able to flash your pearly whites in no time!

6 Wrinkles

Have you ever heard people say that a smoker’s mouth looks like the backside of a cat? After years of smoking you’ll dent your face – particularly around the mouth area from sucking on a ciggy. The chemicals in cigarettes damage the skin proteins called collagen and elastin, which will lead to your skin sagging much earlier than a non-smoker. So before you start saving for Botox, think about this as one of the reasons to give up smoking – it’s a much cheaper alternative too!

7 Get Your Tastes Back!

Once you’ve managed to knock smoking on the head you’ll find that food tastes better. Years of smoking deadens your sense of taste and smell. So, as soon as you quit, those senses come back and you’ll be able to enjoy food to the max. If you’re a smoker who’s been finding food bland and boring, quit and taste food for the first time in years.

I hope these reasons to quit smoking give you sufficient food for thought. And if you’re young and suffering peer pressure to start – please don’t. It will be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. If you’re a former smoker, which was the most convincing reason to quit for you?

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