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7 Good Reasons to Join a Gym ...

By Jennifer

Why should you Join a Gym? There are so many reasons TO join a gym, it might be easier to tell you why you shouldn’t join a gym! It’s a haven for other health-conscious people, people who, like you, want to lose weight and keep it off for good! Still not convinced? Here are 7 good reasons to join a gym.

1 Pro Help

Even if you don’t hire your own personal trainer, if you join a gym, you’ll instantly have access to all kinds of pro tips and help. There’s the staff, the instructors, and even your fellow gym-goers, all eager to help you do it, and do it right.

2 Best Equipment

Let’s face it: unless you have an unlimited budget, you won’t be able to afford the fabulous workout machine and equipment they have at the gym. If you join a gym, your puny membership fee (sometimes as little as ten dollars a month) will give you access to top-of-the-line equipment in a way you can afford it.


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3 Access to Classes

Most reputable gyms also offer classes, some for an extra fee, some included in your membership. It’s a great way to try something new, from Zumba to spinning to yoga.

4 Workout Place and Time!

I’ve found that even if I mean to set time aside at home, I get distracted. There’s laundry and dishes to do, TV to watch… and my workout never happens. But if I join a gym, I’m much more inclined to get dressed and go. It really does help to have a time and place to work out, away from home!

5 Encouragement

Aside from the knowledge base joining a gym will provide, your fellow gym members will give you two other helpful services: encouragement and/or guilt. Disappear for a few days and see what grief your workout buddies will give you when you come back… and the encouragement you might need will be there, too.

6 Some Provide Day Care

If you’re a busy mom, here’s another reason to join a gym: some provide on-site day care, so now you have no excuse for not working out! Send the kids to the children’s room for an hour, and get to sweating, mama!

7 The Cost May Be an Incentive

Finally, the reason to join a gym for the cheap-skates like me: if you pay for it, you’re probably more likely to actually use it. After all, why let that membership fee go to waste?

With so many excellent reasons to join a gym, what are you waiting for? Start gathering suggestions from friends and check a few of them out! Which of these reasons convinced you to join a gym? Or was there another reason you joined the gym? Do tell!

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