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7 Reasons to Learn Pole Dancing ...

By Alison

Pole dancing has now lost its sleazy image and is rapidly becoming a very popular trend in exercise classes. Lots of women are taking up pole dancing as a means of getting fit and having fun. Some enjoy it so much they are even having a pole installed in their own home so that they can practise more! Here are some great reasons to learn pole dancing.

1 Fitness

Improving your fitness is one of the top reasons to learn pole dancing. If you´re looking for a challenging workout, this could be just what you´re looking for. It´ll do amazing things for your upper body strength and overall flexibility. Try it if you find that regular gym workouts don´t really motivate you.

2 Agility

Have you ever watched a pole dancing routine and thought ´I could never do that!´? Sure, it takes a lot of practice for professional dancers to reach the level of skills they possess, but you don´t have to aspire to the same level. What you can achieve is to increase your agility and flexibility.

3 Fun

Taking a pole dancing class can be a great deal of fun. You´re more likely to stick at a workout if you enjoy it, and as long as you´re prepared to laugh at your early attempts then you doubtless will have fun. Take a friend if you´re shy – you can both have a good laugh!

4 Sexuality

Pole dancing doesn´t have to be done purely to entertain men. As many women are discovering, it can bring out your sexy side. Sexuality isn´t just about our relationship with a partner; we can also just enjoy our feminine side for ourselves. Though as a bonus, that could give your relationship a boost as well!

5 Different

Pole dancing is different in many ways from most exercise classes. It might not even seem like exercise at all (before the class anyway – it almost certainly will afterwards!). Trying something different is a great way to rediscover an enthusiasm for working out if you´ve been losing your motivation.

6 Muscle Building

Depending on the moves you practise, a pole dancing workout can exercise just about every muscle in your body. Just think how much strength a dancer needs to pull herself up the pole! As you become more advanced, the muscles get an even greater workout. But you won´t end up looking like a body builder!

7 Mainstream

As pole dancing has entered the mainstream, it´s become something that everyone can enjoy watching. There are lots of videos on Youtube showing the extraordinary skills that some dancers have mastered. For a brilliant example of just how skilful and amazing pole dancing can be, check out Jenyne Butterfly; see this video for

We might not all be able to acquire the athletic abilities of dancers like Jenyne, but I have given you lots of great reasons to learn pole dancing. After all, we can´t all be the best at something, but we can sure enjoy it! Would you love to learn pole dancing, and if so, what´s stopping you?

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