8 Foods Not to Eat on a First Date ...


8 Foods Not to Eat on a First Date ...
8 Foods Not to Eat on a First Date ...

First dates are important, ladies, and there are certain foods not to eat on a first date to make the best impression, along with that killer dress. This list isn’t about calories or carbs, but about mood and scent. You don’t want to eat anything that will bloat you up or give you stomach issues to sour your mood. Certain foods can also make your breath stink, which is obviously a nightmare on a first date. So before you order, consider these top 8 foods not to eat on a first date. With all the healthy and yummy options out there, you can pick something that may just get you a second date!

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This may seem obvious, but onions are one of the top foods not to eat on first date, especially the raw ones found on hamburgers, tacos, nachos and salads. Avoid them if at all possible. Onions are super-healthy for you, but due to their sulfur-containing properties that make them detoxifying to the body, they also downright stink. They linger on your breath, even after a stick of gum, so simply avoid them if at all possible.



Garlic is one powerful food. It is also used as a common flavor enhancer in most any dish that is from a restaurant these days. Many seasonings on food contain garlic and it is in popular sauces such as alfredo sauce, marinara, and even ranch and Italian dressings. Pick sauces that are usually safe bets such as oil and vinegar and even lemon juice, which can actually help your breath. Both these options also help digestion and get rid of bloating.


Avoid Beans and Legumes

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, many restaurant dishes contain beans and legumes for vegan/vegetarian alternatives. Or, maybe you’re not vegan or vegetarian but just love the refried beans at Mexican restaurants. It may seem obvious, but don’t eat beans and legumes like peas, or anything soy-based, which is a legume. They are both a protein and a starch, which makes them hard to digest. This is why they cause gas and bloating. Avoid them and keep yourself looking fabulous and svelte all night.


The Same Goes for Broccoli and Cabbage

Both these healthy veggies are mighty great for your heart and waistline, but their unique starch complex can cause gas. Eat them at home, not on a date.


Avoid Dairy

Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy can cause a lot of issues for you. You’re probably a little nervous on your first date, so therefore your digestive system is already being compromised. Those butterflies you feel can interfere with your digestive "fire" and foods that are already difficult to digest like dairy can make matters worse. Bloating or gas can be a problem here, so definitely avoid it altogether.

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Fried Food

Not only is fried food unhealthy, but it bloats you up quick. It also makes you feel really full, which can steal your energy. Fried food takes a lot of work for the body to digest because of the lack of nutrients and acidic fats involved. Pick raw, steamed, baked or broiled dishes instead.



So your guy asks you to go to a pizza house? No problem, but pick something smart. Gluten-filled crust, oily meats and cheese plus onions and garlic are not a good option for a first date. I know it seems unfair that he's allowed to drink his beer and eats several pie slices, but avoid the pizza and beer for the best effect on your breath and your waistline. You can always have pizza a few dates later when things are a little less nervous. First impressions count. Choose a salad with some grilled chicken and raw veggies like bell peppers, carrots and choose an oil and vinegar dressing.



Another healthy star is eggs, but due to their high sulfur content, which is great for your liver just as onions are garlic are, they cause major gas fast. Even if you tolerate eggs fine, you don’t want to be taking chances here. Choose another protein option instead, such as fish and chicken, which can actually help de-bloat you fast due to their amino acid profile. If you’re vegan, choose an easy to digest starch such as brown rice, or a sweet potato. You could also make yourself a healthy veggie plate with nuts and/or nut butter based sauces and sides.

Remember that ideal options such as choosing asparagus as a side, cucumber and/or celery on your salad, and selecting red wine over beer can tremendously help with bloating and digestion. Proteins such as fish and chicken mildly seasoned are also perfect choices. You may not want to seem like a picky eater on your first date, so before you order, pick a smart choice and rant about how you've always wanted to try that dish and are glad you can now. Though you may think your guy shouldn't care what you eat, the truth is, none of us want to stink or feel bloated. By avoiding these top 8 foods not to eat on a date and choosing the right ones, you’re well on your way to looking and feeling great. What are your tips for ordering on a first date? Share them with me!

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Actually a lot of my guy friends have told me that girls who are too picky on dates come off as being self-conscious and boring which ends up being a turn-off.

Found this very helpful thanks! :)

Well that's certainly a long list :p

My current boyfriend took me to get wings on our first date! I was eating barbecue wings in my dress

I think table manners and ettiquette are equally, if not more important. If you are respectful and polite then nobody will care too much what you're eating!

No onions, no beans or legumes, no cabbage or broccoli. What's a vegan spose to eat then other than pasta? XD

I was waiting for tips like these! Thanks :)

I agree, the pizza one is a little silly when the "first impression" aspect is put in. But everything else is great.

Just don't eat that would be easier than following all these rules.

Don't forget spaghetti

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