The Importance of Trace Minerals for Prime Health ...


The Importance of Trace Minerals for Prime Health  ...
The Importance of Trace Minerals for Prime Health  ...

To some degree we all lack the healthy vitamins and minerals that our bodies so desperately crave. Some of you take a multi-vitamin daily to restore or give your body what it is lacking; however, ask yourselves, is that really enough? I know that many vitamins claim to have 100% of the recommended daily amount that one needs; upon my research I find this to be false. Keep reading and I promise I will tell you all about the importance of trace minerals.

Ok, so we all know what MULTI-VITAMINS ARE AND WHAT THEY DO. BUT what are trace elements? Minerals, if you want to get scientific are nothing more than elements; however, those elements (yep, those pesky elements that we were made to memorize in chemistry class like zinc, chromium, magnesium, iron etc.…) are important to your health and your overall well being. These elements make up the earth itself and everything on it, including well, YOU.

Your body is comprised of these trace minerals and the more depleted they are, the more sickness and lethargy you may feel. Different reactions are always occurring within the human body, and for the body to optimize these, it needs trace minerals. That includes iron for your blood, sulfur for your muscles, calcium for your bones, and a whole plethora of other minerals for your other bodily functions.

Back to the periodic table. There are negative and positive ions that go with these minerals, either too many or too few electrons. Because there is instability with the ionic state, water in your body cannot properly absorb the minerals. This makes equilibrium impossible. Your body will reject the mineral and it will flush out in your urine. This happens quite often with multi-vitamins. We are told that our liver takes what it needs and the rest comes out as urine, when in fact, there are missing trace minerals that would help facilitate the necessary changes to move those nutrients where they are needed.

Enough with the Chemistry lesson, let’s talk about what a trace mineral is. You’ve seen a quarter (nickel), a penny (copper), rings (silver, gold, platinum), flown on a plane (titanium), or baked cookies on (aluminum or tin). These trace minerals in small amounts are not only good for your body, but they are very important and critical to you health.

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Mother Earth

In the past, our ancestors ate fresh fruits and vegetables from soil in its natural form. Now that is not as common. Soil now is full of radiation and synthesized fertilizers that keep depleting minerals. We are not quite sure if anything is “organic” anymore. Most trace minerals have been washed away into oceans. One such place is Utah’s Inland Sea of Western North America. The minerals found here are in their most highly concentrated forms and yes, very beneficial to the human body. And they are IONIC, meaning the body easily absorbs them.


The Importance of IONIC MINERALS (Trace Minerals)

Our bodies rely daily on these minerals to conduct and generate simple and complex electrical impulses. Without these impulses our hearts don’t work properly and the brain is not be able to function properly. “Experts believe that 90% of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency”, quote the experts. Even those who take multi-vitamins. There are 92 known elements and Scientists have only really begun to crack about 70 of those and how hose minerals effect our bodies and our minds. Nine times out 10, we are deficient in trace minerals. It shows in our daily lives. Too much of one trace mineral will throw the others off. It is important to make sure you are taking enough to sustain the body and properly balance your levels.



The absorption of trace minerals occurs in the small intestines with the help of food. It is recommended that you do not take trace minerals without food (Same as you wouldn’t take a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach). The food helps the minerals pass through the intestines and into the blood stream. Trace minerals can’t exist alone. They exist together and work together so ensure they are ionic.


What Should You do?

You can continue to eat healthy to optimize your levels of trace minerals. Buy your food organic. Eat multi-grain bread and fortified cereals. Continue with your exercise routine and take a multi-vitamin daily. Talk to your doctor about any additional supplements you might need to fill in the gaps in your diet.

I’ve been using ionic trace minerals for about 3 months now and feel the need to share my results with the world. After my separation from my husband, I was a mess. I was not eating. I was so very stressed out. I was tired all of the time. I was extremely depressed. I had ZERO energy. My hair became brittle, and my nails broke constantly. My doctor prescribed me a prenatal vitamin that I had taken while I was pregnant with my son but also urged me to look into some trace minerals. I did some research, and since I really had nothing left to lose, I ordered some on Amazon on a whim. As soon as they arrived, I took the recommended dosage (One tablespoon once daily). I took it at night and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t sleep (I had so much energy). The next morning, I had a banana and a full glass of water with my tablespoon of ionic trace minerals. Ten minutes later I felt the effects. It was as if I just had a cup of coffee. I used to drink 2 cups of coffee a day, but it’s rare that I drink coffee anymore. I have no desire to do so.

My skin looks great. I can run 10 miles a day if I wanted to (I run 7, do HIIT 3 times a week, lift weights, and kickboxing). I’m in very good shape, my hair has grown, and my nails are strong. I’m less depressed and my stress levels are at a minimum (sometimes I do lose my cool. After all I have a toddler and a puppy). But trace minerals have changed my life and I can guarantee they will change yours as well. Give them some time to really kick in and make sure you stick to the recommended dosage and no more than that. Talk to your doctor before using trace minerals, especially if you have any health problems.

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