A Nutritionist's 7 Tips to Surviving That Time of the Month ...

By Carly

A Nutritionist's 7 Tips to Surviving That Time of the Month ...

Isn’t it crazy to think that you only have an average of twelve periods a year? Doesn’t it feel like so many more than that simply because of all the stress and annoyance that comes along before and during? Menstruation is something that nobody looks forward to, and we all have our own little ways of dealing with the way that it makes us feel. Have you ever, though, thought about it from a nutritional standpoint? A nutritionist's tips for surviving that time of the month are worth a try.

1 Magnesium

Something you should be aiming to do is increase your magnesium levels. Doing so can aid in reducing lots of PMS symptoms from bloating to headaches to fatigue and fluid retention. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant so it will help with cramping too.

2 Fennel

Fennel seed extract is something that you can use as a natural form of painkiller, so obviously, it can be helpful during menstruation for the inevitable cramping. Its anti-inflammatory properties are what it makes it so special.

3 Evening Primrose Oil

You experience pain during your period when your body experiences a surge of inflammatory prostaglandins. Evening primrose oil has been proven to be able to balance out those prostaglandins and reduce discomfort.

4 Gut Health

You need to take control of your gut health even more than usual during your period. Make sure that you take in lots of probiotics like yogurt and kefir to keep your bowels moving regularly to avoid menstrual bloating.

5 Liver

Look after your liver, because it is your liver that helps to remove excess oestrogen via things like bile and urine. Keep it as well functioning as possible by using an excellent detoxifying herb like milk thistle.

6 Healthy Diet

All areas of your health will improve with a good diet, including menstrual health. Cut out all the processed foods and unhealthy fats that can lead to an oestrogen imbalance, instead aiming for a more natural selection of foods that contain good fats and lean protein.

7 Reduce Chemicals

Your body is going through enough as it is during menstruation, so you want to try to limit your external chemical input. Overexposure to things like agrochemicals, cleaning products, and car fumes can actually play a part in increasing period pains. I bet you didn’t know that!

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