7 Reasons to Take More Late Night Walks This Summer ...


7 Reasons to Take More Late Night Walks This Summer ...
7 Reasons to Take More Late Night Walks This Summer ...

Late night walks are so fantastic for you for many reasons, but not many people want to walk outside during the brutal winter! So take advantage of the warm summer air, longer days, and intoxicating sounds that summer has to offer at night. By taking more late night walks just four times a week, you’ll experience some health benefits in a fairly short amount of time. Now, grab your best pair of tennis shoes or sneakers and head outside tonight! With all the benefits of late night walks, there’s no excuse not to start as soon as possible!

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Peace and Quiet

One of the top reasons late night walks are so great for you is they give you some much-needed peace and quiet. Think about how much noise you hear all day long- traffic, the office, kids, friends, television, your iPod, and even the radio. Noise stresses you out without you even realizing it. By taking late night walks, you automatically give your body and mind some much needed peace and quiet to lower stress.


Reduced Depression

Staying inside all day can contribute to depression, even if you’re outside for small bits here and there. Late night walks can prevent that since they’re a mild form of movement and exposure to nature all in one, both of which are excellent for preventing and treating depression.


Mild Exercise

Late night walks are also an easy way to get in some mild exercise for the day. No need to rush through your walking session though! A slower pace of walking has actually been found to reduce cortisol more effectively than a high-paced, intense power walk.


Summer Sounds

Have you ever really listened to the sounds of summer at night? The bugs chirping and trees blowing are some of the most intoxicating sounds you can imagine. Your brain gets a huge boost of dopamine from this experience, which sends a calming signal to your body. It’s even a bit addicting, believe it or not!



Taking a late night walk is a great way to help your body produce more melatonin too. Melatonin is the hormone that triggers the body to rest, but can be offset by spending too much time indoors or in front of a bright screen late at night. Instead of watching television before bed, go for a walk and then take a hot bath. You’ll sleep like a baby!


Releases Tension

Walking at night when the world has begun to wind down is a great way to let go of tension from the day. Whether it's from your job, a relationship, your family, or just something nagging at you, taking a late night walk can help relieve some of that tension in a very short amount of time.


Better Mood

Another great benefit of taking late night walks is you’ll wake up with a better mood the next day. Walking in general produces more serotonin in the body, which is the hormone needed to produce a healthy mood. Not only will you drift off to sleep more easily after a late night walk, but you’ll also wake up seeing the world a bit brighter!

Late night walks have so many benefits, so take advantage of them as the weather starts to warm up. The best time to walk is usually between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. just as the sun starts to go down, which enhances the effects even further. Do you take late night walks?

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