7 Simple Tips for Brightening Every "Cloudy" Day ...


7 Simple Tips for Brightening Every "Cloudy" Day ...
7 Simple Tips for Brightening Every "Cloudy" Day ...

I know it’s not always easy to have a big smile on your face, so I hope that I might be able to help you by providing you a few tips for brightening your day whenever you might feel like you need to. There are a lot of things that might get you down from time to time, like routine, exhaustion, problems from work or from school... but also, there are so many many things that could help you get back on your feet again. I see too many sad faces on a daily basis and I always try to change this and to help those people see the other beautiful things that they have. I hope you’ll find very helpful the tips for brightening your day that I thought about, and I wish you will use them whenever you might feel a little down.

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Look at Some Old Photos

One of the most simple and yet very efficient tips for brightening your day is looking at some old pictures of you, or why not pictures of your friends and family? You might feel so much better in an instant by remembering all those good times, because most people are taking photos when they feel really happy and they want to remember those moments forever. So, maybe you should do that from time to time! It might make you even happier than eating a piece or, sometimes even a box, of chocolate. In order to always stay happy, you can choose a picture that you love and put it somewhere you can easily see it as often as possible. Why not sticking it to a window or to your mirror?


Go outside

If sometimes you are a little down and you want to feel much better as soon as possible, you should try going outside for a little while. Sunlight will help you feel happier. There are studies that show the fact that an hour a day of natural sunlight works like a good antidepressant for most people. If it’s a cloudy or a rainy day, you should still go outside even if for a shorter period of time. Just enjoy the rain, its smell, the sound of the raindrops! Your mind will be focusing on something else than your problems and that’s precisely what you want!


Exposure to the outdoors is not just about getting your dose of vitamin D; it also involves immersing yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility that nature offers. The act of simply breathing in fresh air can often be enough to reset your mood and provide a sense of calm. Moreover, a walk in the park or along a trail can offer unexpected joys like the sight of wildlife, the color of leaves, and the symphony of nature's sounds, which collectively work to distract your mind and provide a therapeutic effect. Always remember that nature is a cost-free therapist always at your disposal.


Read Something You like

Whenever you fill a little bit down, you should take a little break, 10 -15 minutes and read something you really like, your favorite book, some articles from your favorite magazine or something you never had the time to start reading, even if you wanted to for a very long time. This is the perfect moment to start doing what you love! Do never forget about that! This way, for a little while, your mind will be wondering between the lines of your favorite book or article and you wouldn’t be busy thinking about all the stuff that troubles you. Just allow yourself to dream a little bit, even if your eyes are wide open!



Especially during summer, it is much easier for you to exercise outside and this way to enjoy the sunlight too. Exercising will always make you feel better, no matter how upset you actually are. It will make you feel more energized and full of life. By exercising, you will increase the quality of your sleep, your will lower your stress level and this will also help you build your self-confidence. If you want this tip to be even more efficient, you can always ask a friend or a family member to join you. You can both exercise, you can go to a gym or take a long walk in the park and this way you will be able to share your thoughts and worries with someone you love. I’m sure that you will feel much better afterwards!


Do a Good Deed

Another one of the tricks that will make feel better in no time is finding a way to make a good deed, especially in one of the days that you feel a little low. Volunteer! Studies show that people who volunteer are much happier than the ones who don’t, no matter what is their financial status. Volunteering does so much good to you because it can bring you a little extra dose of empathy, quality that will help you appreciate the positive things in your life. By doing this, you will brighten another person’s cloudy day too!


Hug Someone You Love

A hug, at the right time, can be miraculous! There’s nothing more helpful whenever you’re feeling down than having around a person you love, a person that is willing to listen to you, to comfort you and to accept you the way you are. Surround yourself with people you love, especially during hard times! You will feel understood, it will rebuilt your self-confidence and it will give you hope. Don’t ever isolate yourself if you’re upset! Reach to your loved ones! They will help you find the answers you need to make everything better again!


Listen to a Song You like

You must surely have a favorite song that makes you very happy every time you hear it. There’s no better time to listening to it than when you are a little bit upset. Maybe your song will do the trick and you will be cheerful again! You can even dance a bit, just enjoy it! Maybe it will be a little hard in the beginning, but once you’ve started it will be hard for you to stop. Have fun and go with the flow! You will think much clearer afterwards!

After you have followed my advice, try to think things through in a positive manner! I’m sure that there are a lot of things that went pretty well in this "cloudy" day of yours. If it’s hard for you to visualize them, try to put them into a list and I’m sure that you’ll discover that there are more positive things in your life that you thought in the first place. What other tips do you use for brightening a "cloudy" day? Do they work every time? Please share with us!

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Great advice Corina! Exercise and friends are a never fail mood booster for me! I also love jumping in my car and driving on the outskirts of my town, or finding a new place to take pictures.. Always clears my head and gets me smiling again! Stay positive any way possible

:) Thanks so much! Your advice is great too! I'll will try it next time I'll be a bit upset! Thanks for reading and I love your positive attitude! That's the spirit! :)

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