7 Health Benefits of Friendship You Might Not Know ...

By Heather

7 Health Benefits of Friendship You Might Not Know ...

You may already know about the many health benefits of friendship, but I’d like to share with you a few of mine. Friendship is one of the greatest things any of us could receive or give. I can’t tell you how beneficial friendships have helped my life, with way too many reasons to count. There are many healthy benefits of friendship that can even help us live longer. So, next time you go out with your girlfriend, appreciate her a little more because there are so many ways she enhances your life you might not know. She doesn’t just give you someone to gossip with, but also makes you healthier, believe it or not.

1 Reduced Stress

One of the most amazing health benefits of friendship is friends help reduce our stress levels. Friendship gives you an outlet to share your struggles with and vent to. This is actually healthy! It keeps you from holding it all in and engaging in self destructive behavior, or from being alone in your struggles. How awesome is it to call up your girlfriend when you need to vent instead of crying in your room alone, or taking it out on Ben and Jerry's with a stomachache and regrets in the morning? Pretty great, if you ask me! Plus, reduced stress levels means a healthier heart!

2 Exercise Partner

Naturally, exercising with your buddy is better than alone, right? Well, your friend is an automatic exercise partner that you don’t even have to seek out. You’ll probably be much more able to keep your exercise schedule if you know your friend will be there.

3 Accountable

Your friends can also hold you accountable, for your budget, your diet, appointments, or other things. They can help you stay balanced. If you have a friend that doesn’t, find a friend that does to go alongside your more relaxed friend. Everyone needs a friend that will hold them accountable. Accountability is one of the healthiest qualities to have.

4 Having Fun

Having fun is so important to your health! It’s great for your heart to laugh and relieve stress. Having fun is also part of living, and having a friend that does this with you is one of the most amazing gifts you could ask for.

5 Advice

Friends are also great to turn to for advice, and sometimes, we all need it! They can help you make better decisions, or just give you perspective. This keeps you healthy on a number of levels by feeling stressed from indecisiveness, or from making bad decisions that might hurt you later on.

6 Social Life

Friends also give you a social life, and it’s important to your sense of well being. We aren’t meant to live life alone and doing so can actually harm your health. Friends give us the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy life!

7 Sense of Peace

Friendship also gives you a huge sense of peace. You know you’ve got someone who has your back at all times. That’s an incredibly great feeling! How blessed we are to have friends to be there for us, and who we can be there for too.

Friends can help you be happier, which prevents you from engaging in bad behavior from sadness and they can really give your mood and heart a boost too. These are all great reasons to seek out tried and true friends whenever you can. What’s your favorite thing about friendship?

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My best friend Sarah and I have been friends since we were 8 years old. We both turn 40 this year and this is so true. We have been through so many relationship sagas and life dramas and our sons who are both 12 are best friends too! Feel very blessed.

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