7 Things That Zap Your Energy on a Daily Basis ...

By Lydia

7 Things That Zap Your Energy on a Daily Basis ...

When it comes to making it through a busy day at work unscathed, it’s all about finding ways to control your energy levels and not overdoing things that aren’t completely essential to getting you from A to B. When you are aware of certain things that are more time consuming and energy sapping than they need to be, you can get into the habit of either avoiding them completely, or trying to come up with ways to limit the impact that they have on you. Here are seven things that zap your energy on a daily basis.

1 Messy Desk

Your messy working environment might be having a negative impact on your energy levels. The messier and more unkempt your desk is, the more effort you have to put into concentrating and focusing on your work, and this is something that will sap your energy much faster than if you were contending with a ordered working environment.

2 Energy Drinks

Sure, something like Red Bull might give you a boost in the immediate present, but beverages that give your body a sugar spike like that are only going to cause an even bigger crash at some point. The more you start to rely on energy drinks, the worse your natural stamina is going to be.

3 Walking Style

A recent study has shown to prove that those who walk with a slumped, slow style actually use up more energy than those who walk upright and quickly. This is because by sloping around you are expending energy without actually doing enough to promote endorphins to be released within your body.

4 Dehydration

The majority of people actually drink far less water than they should every day. If you aren’t drinking the recommended eight glasses per day or more, then you are missing out on an easy way to give your body more energy. If you are dehydrated, then your energy levels will be understandably lower.

5 Lack of Minerals

It might be the case that you have natural deficiency of a certain mineral or vitamin within your body. If you suspect that this may be the case, then you can always go to your doctor and have the appropriate tests performed.

6 Over Exercising

You might be addicted to working out, and that’s great in principal, but if you are working out to the point where you aren’t actually giving your body enough time to recover and recharge in between sessions, then that is going to end up being a big energy drag.

7 Toxic Friends

Trying to maintain friendships and relationships with people who are toxic can be a total energy drain. Try to identify relationships that you have in which you do all of the giving and receive nothing in return, and then make the effort to eliminate them. All they do is steal your energy and take it away from the relationships that are actually worth your time.

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