Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water ...


Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water ...
Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water ...

At this point in the health and fitness game, we are all completely aware of the wonders that drinking lots of water every day can do for you. Hydration is one of the cornerstones of maintaining good health, but what about when you turn the temperature up a little bit? Does is make a difference? Drinking hot water is something that is becoming more and more popular in mainstream health circles, but why exactly are we all doing it now? Here are some of the best health benefits of drinking hot water.

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Nasal Congestion

Hot water can help to relieve nasal congestion thanks to its steamy nature. This can be lovely and soothing even if you don’t have a cold that you want to get rid of in the moment. It’s always nice to clean the pipes!



Hot water can aid digestion much better than cold or room temperature water. It acts a lubricant that keeps your digestion going nice and smoothly, and the hotter it is (not scalding obviously), the better it can hydrate all of your vital intestinal organs!


Nervous System

The act of drinking hot water can actually help to calm down and soothe your central nervous system. You will find that by doing so you will feel fewer pains and aches in muscles and joints.



A nice mug of hot water can help to relieve the effects of constipation! The hot water can help dislodge old waste that is trapped in your intestines. It keeps things nice and regular.



It’s an obvious one, but hot water keeps you nice and hydrated! Admittedly, there is no difference in the level of hydration that hot water gives you compared to cold, but it just gives you another diverse option to hit your daily target.


Weight Loss

Hot water can be a great tool for losing weight. It heats up your body’s internal temperature, which in turn can raise your metabolism in the same kind of way that eating spicy food does.



Taking a warm bath helps to aid your circulatory organs, so it makes sense that drinking hot water does too! It can have the effect of reducing blood pressure, as well as setting you up for a rested and relaxed night’s sleep.



Hot water has the power to reduce your stress levels. The way that it can affect your central nervous system as we discussed above can really bring down your feelings of anxiety.

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